Sailor Ink Bar Disposable Fountain Pen - Fine Nib - Black

Sailor Ink Bar Disposable Fountain Pen - Fine Nib - Black

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Update: This pen has been discontinued from the manufacturer and will no longer be available once it is sold out.

Writing with the Sailor ink-Bar is like enjoying your favorite milkshake from a new and modern creamery. The pen gives you a refreshing new take on the traditional fountain pen. It features a clean and simple plastic body and a fine point metal nib. The pen is available in a variety of water-based ink colors and is part of a growing trend in Japan of colorful and affordable fountain pens targeted at the modern adult. The pen is not refillable and has a diameter of 9.5 mm, length of 139.5 mm (almost 5.5 inches) and weight of 7.6 grams.

Customer Reviews

Who says this pen is...
August 5, 2011
Verified Purchase
Who says this pen is 'disposable'?? It is absolutely possible to refill these pens. Take the end cap off ( I used my thumb nail) from the barrow. Once that's done take some tweezers and remove the sponge. Run the sponge ( my non technical name) under running water until all the old ink is gone. Don't remove the plastic that surrounds the sponge. You will be able to see the sponge becoming clear from ink. I then squeeze the excess water out by sliding my fingers along the length of the sponge. I also use paper towel to help remove some of the excess water. After doing this, I put the sponge upright in the ink I want to use. There will be some capillary action going on and you will see the sponge soaking up the ink. I then take an eye dropper to the other end of the sponge so that the entire thing can be absorbed with my new ink. Be sure to do this part over the sink because there may be some dripping of the excess water or ink. When finished put the sponge back in the pen tamping it down so it makes contact with the nib feed. Put the cap back on and enjoy. I have three of these pens and I like the way they write so I didn't want to pitch them out. It's a good thing!
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To make justice to the...
August 28, 2011
Verified Purchase
To make justice to the pen, it is not a black ink pen. It was never intended to be black, but gray. If you see the rectangle before the ink-bar logo, it is gray, not black.
This is the best nib, and far better than many others. I absolutely love this pen. I can refill them with black ink and then it is a true black.
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This pen is pretty good....
May 25, 2011
Verified Purchase
This pen is pretty good. It is a fine nib and writes well, but the ink flow is not even. It is a disposable pen and inexpensive, so it is worth its price. I'm glad I tried it out, and I do like it a better than the pilot disposable fountain pens since the ink flow is lighter and does not bleed through the page.
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What can be a negative...
March 25, 2011
Verified Purchase
What can be a negative for some users I find a positive with this pen, so it comes down to what you prefer. The ink is not a rich black--not really grey, but veering in that direction. I suppose you could say charcoal. On both the smooth paper (Clairefontaine) and slightly rough paper (Kokuyo Campus Word Cards) I've tried it on so far, it has a pencil-like scratchiness, with a lot of tactile feedback that I really enjoy. Handled lightly, you can get both a wet line and and lighter, rough-pencil line, and I'm enjoying it a lot for drawing. At a very quick test, the ink seems waterproof after drying.

I haven't used it enough yet to encounter any issues with drying out, but I'm usually pretty fanatical about putting caps back on even if I'm only pausing for a little while. If the ink supply lasts through a reasonable amount of use, I could see stocking up on a few more of these and keeping them around for when I'm in the mood for sketching. I don't see this as a pen for writing, but for having such an interesting feel while drawing, I'll bump it up from 3 stars to 4.
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This is my absolute favorite...
March 17, 2011
Verified Purchase
This is my absolute favorite pen and I'm crushed that it's being discontinued by the manufacturer. Smooth, no bleeding. I haven't really noticed scratchiness, but truthfully I like slightly scratchy pens. I love the off-black sort of color. The body feels fantastic and creamy and I want to marry this pen. I tried to replace it with another fountain pen but it's just not the same.
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