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  WHY WHY WHY is this product..., January 8, 2013
WHY WHY WHY is this product no longer available?!?! The best pen ever! My old one - which I had a loved and still love - broke. :(
  I agree with the reviewer..., January 16, 2013
By pri...
I agree with the reviewer below. This fountain pen was perfect. No skipping, feathering, leaking, or loose nib. It was a flawless fountain pen, if there ever was one. I can't believe this pen is no longer being made. I hope they bring this pen back soon. I'd be willing to pay up to $50 for this pen.
  This is the pen that..., February 3, 2011
This is the pen that got me interested in using fountain pens again. After using a fat body Waterman and cheapo Shaeffer years ago with medium nibs, I didn't think much of fountain pens.

The thin body and fine Japanese nib were a revelation to me. I didn't know such fountain pens existed.

I found the first on in the Maido store in San Francisco about a year ago and immediately ordered two more from JetPens for my son and daughter.

However, all three of us have found that the pen doesn't travel well. The pen doens't hold up will when being bounced around in backpacks across college campuses or walking to work. All three have developed the same leak around the nib.

I spent some time cleaning mine up and readjusting the nib, but the problem returned in a couple of weeks.

Also, the cap doesn't sit firmly on the back of the pen, so has a tendency to fall off when writing, especially the longer we used the pens. the pen as an introduction to what a Japanese fine nib fountain pen can be, but I can't recommend it for the long haul, nor as a traveling pen.
  This is the first fountain..., December 11, 2010
By roc...
This is the first fountain pen that I have owned and it sold me. This pen is fantastic, I love writing with it and now I have 4. I like to keep one for each of my favorite colors of ink, so that I can switch without having to swap cartridges or converters. This pen is so nice that I now have a new hobby and jet pens is the only place that I shop to feed that need. I love this site. At first I couldn't believe that people actually wrote reviews for ink pens!

Now I get it and I'm doing it too.

This pen leaves a very nice clean line that dries quickly. I personally like thin clean lines, even my pencils are 3mm for clean lines. This pen doesn't scratch enough to damage the paper but it scratches enough to give me that "fountain pen" feedback that makes writing with one feel cool.

Highly recommend this pen to anyone, and in fact I do all the time. I also recommend jet pens too.
  This was the first fountain..., November 30, 2010
This was the first fountain pen I purchased, and I have had such great results, I bought one for someone else as a gift (and she has had good results as well). Recommended! In fact, I like it as much as my Lamy, though it will dry out more quickly than the Lamy.
  I LOVE this pen. It writes..., November 30, 2010
By me9...
I LOVE this pen. It writes consistently, never gives me grief. (I always use it with good paper and notebooks, though. On regular paper it blobs a bit). It is slim and smooth. Thanks for the tip about converters, fellow-reviewer!
  I have 4 Sailor pens...., November 22, 2010
By and...
I have 4 Sailor pens. My favorite one is still my 21 kt it doesn't dry out as long as you use the cap. But I wanted a pen I could rake outside the house and this one fits the bill.
  This has become my favorite..., November 10, 2010
By EdS...
This has become my favorite pen to use with my DayTimer. The line does spread ink in the DayTimer daily pages, but it seems to be the paper DayTimer uses (cheap). The line is thin on DayTimer add-on sheets and in my Moleskine. The pen keeps its nice classy looks. Since it's mini-sized it fits fine into my moderately small DayTimer leather portfolio, which contains daily pocket pages along with notebook split rings for add-on pages (no, DayTimer apparently doesn't make it anymore, unfortunately.) Not bad at all for the money.
  Not a huge fan of the..., August 18, 2010
By zerodb
Not a huge fan of the writing action, not smooth on run of the mill paper. The size is interesting, it's definitely smaller than average but with the cap works well in my large hands.
  Wow this thing is tiny...., July 28, 2010
Wow this thing is tiny. For those of you looking for a pocket pen - this is perfect. Because the pen casing is metal, there's a nice weight to it, even for it's size. For those of you that are looking to use BOTTLE INK, there is a CONVERTER. Just google: Sailor Ink Converter for Chalana. I bought mine from for $7.50 + 5.25 shipping. These converters are also sold at for $7.00 as I discovered later. WARNING - the converter is a piston converter and holds a very SMALL amount of ink. You're going to feel like a giant holding it but it fits the pen and provides an alternative to you bottle ink lovers.
  Received mine yesterday,..., June 8, 2010
By jam...
Received mine yesterday, Happy Birthday Me & it was a happy day it was love at first write.
  Perfect size- a little..., May 21, 2010
Perfect size- a little lighter than I was expecting, but a wonderful pen. I recieved it as a valentines present after losing my green, $4, one year old fountain pen.

She works insanely better than my old green one. My only complaint is that it is more choosy than the green pen about what sort of ink it likes. My Green pen would write with any ink on any paper. The Sailor pen wrote great with the ink it came with, but when I filled it up with my old ink, the ink dried on the nib and wouldn't write unless I wiped it with a damp tissue.

Besides the ink-chooseyness, she's amazing.

Originally, the line was a little too thin for my liking (The line size is standard to fine, but I like my lines a little heavier), so I sanded the nib down a little. Now, it's the perfect thickness, though a little scratchy on certain papers. She was perfectly smooth before I messed with her, however.

It's the smallest and lightest pen I've ever owned, but also the most comfortable. I'd recommend this pen to small-handed people who write for long periods of time.

I'm thinking of buying another one just in-case I lose this one and they stop making them.

I use the sailor pen for every-day writing, at least a page a day. After finding an ink that works, she's not given me any trouble.
  I'm very pleased with..., May 12, 2010
By han...
I'm very pleased with this pen. I bought it about 4 weeks ago, and have been using it regularly since. It writes fairly smoothly with a nice fine line. I've been using the green Sailor ink, but I'm interested in trying other inks. The body is fairly sturdy. What I really love about this pen is its small size. It's very good for keeping in a pocket with a notebook. The cap is a snap on type, but I wouldn't worry about it accidentally coming off. The mechanism is very solid. It's a great value for 15 bucks.
  I like this pen. I love..., May 10, 2010
I like this pen. I love the fact that it is a thin pen. Can't find many of those and fat ones make my hand tired and its uncomfortable sometimes for me to write for any length of time with it. The only complaint I have about this pen is that there are no purple refills available for it. I am not familiar with them enough to know what I can sub for them, but I will hopefully find something soon., April 25, 2010
(Above link leads to a review with pictures...)

The Sailor Recruit fountain pen is a slim fountain pen with a stainless steel fine point nib and a painted PBT resin body. This fine instrument comes in an attractive blue finish, is under five inches long, and weighs under half an ounce. While the pen originally came with a black ink cartridge [which wrote excellently], I replaced it with a Sailor A.S. Manhattan New York Artists Guild Sky Blue cartridge (also from JetPens). The fine stainless steel nib seems sturdy (and truly is fine, for a fountain pen), but, to my knowledge, cannot be replaced. The pen writes smoothly and delivers ink well, although due to the fact that the ink is water based, it tends to feather slightly on low grade and textured paper. While some may find this pen's price tag of $15.00 a little steep, it is easily justifies by the sturdiness of this fine refillable writing utensil!
  My everyday pen. it writes..., March 28, 2010
My everyday pen. it writes fairly well, with a nice wet line, but the pen does need some breaking in, and even then, the nib is sometimes temperamental, sometimes super smooth, sometimes slightly scratchy. the nib is slightly flexible. I'll keep using it and hopefully, the pen smooths out
  I just got my fountain..., March 5, 2010
I just got my fountain pen, and so far the pen is doing a great job. What I like about Jet Pens is the shipment, it took about 2 or 3 days to get to my place I am very surprise about the shipping. Well about the pen I just got it and doing great, I'll let you guys know how it is in the future.
  I just got my pen and..., February 25, 2010
I just got my pen and its my first fountain pen but now I'll begin my collection {{smiles}}. It writes nice after the second use, its fits great on my hand and the ink doesn't smear, I guess it depends on the paper. The nib is fine and its perfect for writing in small areas like my mini agenda.
  I love this pen. The..., February 24, 2010
I love this pen. The Sailor Recruit is very comfortable to write with, not only because of size, but also it's scratchiness is almost non-existent; just enough to give that fountain pen feel to it. It is by far the best fountain pen I have had the pleasure of owning.
  This is a great pen...., February 23, 2010
This is a great pen. It writes reliably the first time after being capped and in a pocket or drawer for days, and with the Noodler's Bad Belted Kingfisher, its flow is great, with no noticeable nib creep. It is also pretty enough to get some attention, and people are surprised it's a fountain pen. Makes up for the minor inconvenience of having to refill the ink cartridges by hand, due to not having an ink converter available. I do wish there was a slightly larger-nibbed version, but I'd want it in addition to, not instead of, this fine nib.
  This is such a good pen!..., February 18, 2010
By tdh712
This is such a good pen! I just got it and I love it. For the price, it's the best. It's a fine point, which I'm not used to, but I like it. Really, for an every day pen, it's great. And it looks nice. It's very small and fits in my hand perfectly.!
  It's slender enough to..., February 4, 2010
It's slender enough to fit in my Levenger pocket briefcase for my 3x5 cards, and is the perfect fineness for writing lots and lots of things on those cards. *laughs* Mine has a silky-smooth nib that's just responsive enough to make the handwriting breathe.

I love how it feels and for the price the responsiveness of the nib surprised me.

This would NOT do well for a large-fingered person, but the lightness is perfect for my hands. I suspect this will be my use pen for quite a while, and I have 100's of fountain pens to choose from. For those that are experiencing scratchiness, take a piece of fine-grained sandpaper and write on it with your pen for a few lines, and then try it again on paper. It should smooth off whatever problem you're having, and with a pen this inexpensive, it's a quick easy fix.
  What's not to love about..., January 29, 2010
By wtu...
What's not to love about this pen? Just got mine this evening in the mail, exactly two days after placing the order. This is a truly exceptional and quite remarkable pen. It has a very precise, sharp fountain pen tip with incredible accuracy. The ink flows like velvet. If it sounds like I'm gushing, that's because I love a good pen, and this is it. I'm amazed at how slender and precise this pen truly is. Good thing I bought the A.S. Manhattener replacement cartridges, as I suspect I'll be using this pen quite a bit. Tucks perfectly into the spine of my flat leather planner, plus it doesn't show any signs of skipping or drying out at all. Love it. Thank you, Jet Pens, for providing such a wonderful writing experience. This one will take its place next to my favorites, including my special Montblanc pens. :-)
  I've never used a fountain..., January 7, 2010
I've never used a fountain pen before, but after using this little beauty, (which is as big as a AAA battery) I never want to use another type again. It writes smooth and it the ink inside it is beautiful, but I definitely suggest buying more ink with this pen. Its so wonderful, you'll never stop writing with it.
  I picked this pen up..., November 29, 2009
By mal...
I picked this pen up on a whim as I happened to be visiting JetPens for the first time in search of new gels. For $15 I figured I couldn't go wrong... and honestly, I couldn't have been more right. The Sailor is thinner and lighter than virtually any fountain pen I've ever had my hands on - a big deal for me as I have small hands. It fits wonderfully into organizers/pen holders which keeps it upright and makes for easy transportation. The ink flow is consistent - on par with gels - and it delivers a lovely, dark rich black when paired with Sailor Fountain Pen Nano Ink Cartridge - Ultra Black.

What impressed me the most about this pen was the thickness of its stroke. I have very small handwriting (eg 8 pt font in Times New Roman) and this pen delivers nice, crisp, thin strokes which allow my letters to be precise.

My (limited) frustration with this pen consists of two issues:

1) The nib seems slightly scratchy on some surfaces. While this does not disrupt ink flow it does make writing slightly more tedious than is necessary (especially in comparison with my Mont Blanc Noblesse or my currently preferred Uni-ball Signo DX UM-151 0.38 gels).

2) On certain papers the pen appears to "bleed". I will admit however that I have been "out of the fountain pen game" for several years as student life has often seemed incompatible with the delicacy of fountain pens so I'm only now reacquainting myself with paper types, notebooks etc.

All in all, I think it's a great pen. It is living up to the rigors of student life and is braving the fall/winter quite nicely. It is fast becoming my favourite pen to use and I may pick up a second just to have one filled with red ink.

Those with large hands, those who like a broad stroke or those who prefer a good deal of weight behind their pen may be less of a fan.