Sailor SailorPica Kirei Anti-Bacterial S3 3 Color Ballpoint Multi Pen - 0.7 mm

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Pen includes black, blue and red ink. Refills available.

In a country as dense as Japan, preventing the spread of bacteria transmission and influenza is always an issue. The SailorPica pen has a antibacterial casing that repels and decomposes harmful substances. They are excellent for use in the kitchen, school and workplace.

This pen utilizes material developed by Tokyo Advanced Technology Research Center and Fujitsu Research Lab. The pen body material is a combination of photocatalyst titanium apatite and silver apatite, materials commonly used in advanced air purification systems. This composite can absorb and decompose microorganisms and various other substances such as bacteria, pollen, fungus, and more. The apatite adsorbs contaminants even without exposure to light. The material adsorbed by the apatite is decomposed by the photocatalyst titanium apatitet on exposure to sunlight (ultra violet). Silver apatite inhibits growth of the germs and keeps this anti-bacteria effect without sunlight.

Model NumberSAILOR 16-0300-210
Weight0.4 ounces

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