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Hello! I wanted to write...
February 20, 2013
Verified Purchase
I wanted to write a review to help this pen out. I'll go over three qualities: looks, nib, and writing.
1) Looks
It's quite striking. Taking it out, you notice it quite quickly. Others will notice it quite easily. If you have sweaty hands, it may be a bit hard to hold, but it will get easier. The body is beautiful. It is a deep, shiny black. I'd have to give it a 5/5.
2) Nib
The nib is definitely very good quality, as many Sailor nibs are. It's a very small nib. It'd be comparable to a western extra fine. It can make the pen a bit rough to write with.
3) Writing
The pen takes a bit to start writing. Using a little bit of water on the nib if using a cartridge or starting the pen with a converter really helps. Once you start writing, it'll be a bit harsh to write with. This comes because it's just a bit dry because it's the first write. The more you write with it, it'll get easier. I can tell this because after my first day, it was quite softer. I'm expecting within a week, it should be very soft to write with.

Extras: It actually came with its case and two cartridges. I wouldn't bank on it coming with it because the site says it doesn't, but it was quite surprising. Makes me feel really nice, too.
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The pen itself feels...
August 29, 2015
The pen itself feels fairly well made, and though it doesn't stand out, looks pretty classy. The nib is a dream to write with and is comparable to the gold nib Sailors that I have; it's quite smooth with just a touch of feedback (which does not make it any less smooth, surprisingly) and I really like it. It makes it into my rotation fairly often.
Wrote like a nail, start-up...
June 25, 2012
Verified Purchase
Wrote like a nail, start-up problems, skipping and then finally wouldn't write at all. Leaving it overnight on it's side would allow it a little writing then it would go again. Fully cleaned it several times. Used it with Noodlers Black and Sailor's own nano black as well as some non waterproof ink to see if that helped. Tines seem to be aligned. Finally switched out the nib only with an extra fine purchased at the same time. It had a slightly better feed. Both have NIBs far thinner than the higher priced Sailors. Could use for drawing (which is what I got it for) but not really for writing. And then not reliably. So far after the switch of nibs, putting the fine on the extra fines feed system gave me one usable pen. Has me wary of the brand but just received a HighAce Neo that works very nicely so who knows. I really want a Sailor because they are the only ones who make cartridges with waterproof ink that I can use for drawing when traveling. It's a shame that these were so bad as the fit and finish is so much better than the beginners pen. I have the "LECOULE" on the way so we'll see.
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