Saki P-660 Roll Pen Case - Leatherette - Medium - Brown

Saki P-660 Roll Pen Case - Leatherette - Medium - Brown

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The durable, elegant Saki P-660 Roll pen case is made from a soft synthetic leather that is pleasant to the touch. A matching strap wraps stylishly around the case to tie it closed. The three roomy pockets inside hold three to four pens or pencils each, and you could even store a small ruler. A flap prevents your things from falling out of the case. Carry your writing tools in style with this roll-up case from Saki!

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If there was one thing...
December 25, 2014
Verified Purchase
If there was one thing I would have wanted different, it's that they made this pencil case slightly longer. However, that's only because I use this to carry my watercolor brushes.

This is a roomy roll-up case that I've fit 8 graphite pencils, 4 charcoal pencils, a tortillion, and about 11 short-handled watercolor brushes. Sometimes I'll sneak in a few extra items or exclude some, but they all fit well and comfortably.

I had purchased this looking for a fairly water-resistant and (if possible) aesthetically pleasing pencil/brush case.

Back to my initial point, I wish it were longer because even with my short-handled brushes, some are a little bit longer than average leading the brush tip to protrude from the top of the case. This risks damage but there's also the case where if it was just a little longer, I could use the inner flap to cover the tops of the brushes and prevent them from being so susceptible to falling out when it the case accidentally tips upside down in my bag.

That being said, I gave this five stars because it is a pencil/pen case. Not advertised as a brush case. For the purpose of holding your everyday stationary, this will do the job well and also has a classier feel than your average pencil case.

Good case.
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This is considerably...
March 8, 2015
Verified Purchase
This is considerably taller than the other fabric models. The leather is great, but the downside is that there is no fabric inlay inside the case. It's leather all the way through.
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I got this case because...
July 15, 2016
Verified Purchase
I got this case because I needed something to tote around my fountain pens that would keep hold all the different ones I have inked (I like having multiple ink colors available) but also keep the pens from knocking together. This fit the bill perfectly. Each third of the case holds up to four Pilot Metropolitan-sized pens, and the flap covers up the tops of the pens to protect them. The leather looks classy and is nice and sturdy so the case doesn't feel floppy or flimsy. I had thought the strap method of fastening would annoy me, but it's actually not that bad. I usually leave it untied during the day, and when I'm ready to roll it up it's easy to pull the strap snug - and the leather holds onto itself nicely, so it stays snug and doesn't come untied. Definitely glad I got this!

(The only thing I've noticed so far is that some of my pen clips are very tight/firm and tend to leave impressions in the leather. This is an issue with the pens, not the case, so I don't want to remove a star or anything, but people might want to consider that and possibly go with a fabric case instead if that bothers them.)
A well made tough roll...
May 22, 2016
Verified Purchase
A well made tough roll that will take lots of wear and tear
Very good for the field
It is much longer than other rolls so it will take brushes or longer waterbrushes
Organize it so it will roll tight, bulkier items in the first fold or it will not roll flat
Otherwise a good pen roll
Simple case. The material...
April 5, 2016
Verified Purchase
Simple case. The material does have a slight hint of a "plasticy" smell to it -- but I found it to be hardly noticeable. Plenty of room (I fit 6 fountain pens, a drafting pencil, four technical pens and a nib holder and it still closed comfortably). Though the material is leatherette, it looks sharp. And for the price it really can't be beat.