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Good case; well worth...
March 26, 2013
Verified Purchase
Good case; well worth the money. The color contrast is striking but not too gaudy, and the leatherette trim is tasteful. The stitching is a bit uneven in spots, but that's standard these days unless you're spending a lot more.

Expect some wear. I carry this case every day, and the laminated canvas has picked up a significant amount of coloration from rubbing against the black polyester in my coat pocket. Also, after a few months, the wrap doesn't cinch quite as tightly as it used to. It is still quite usable, and, well, the stains kind of give it character. I haven't tried washing them off, but it doesn't seem likely; the color seems embedded in the plastic laminate.

Also, if you have larger-than-average pens, don't expect to get full capacity. The longest pen this can comfortably accommodate is a Lamy Joy, and the case would feel bulky and overloaded with more than about six or seven Lamy Safaris (I'm estimating here; I don't actually have that many Lamy Safaris, I'm just using it as a unit of measurement).
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