Saki P-676 Leatherette Pen Case with Handle - Red

Saki P-676 Leatherette Pen Case with Handle - Red

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This faux-leather pencil case adds a touch of sophistication to any desk or workspace. Case features a full-length zipper opening and a handle with a convenient push-button clip, that allows you to hang it from a variety of places. Will fit about 10 pens/pencils (actual capacity may vary, and depends on the size of writing instruments stored inside). Different colors available. Made in Japan.

Case dimensions: Approximately 7.1 inches (18 cm) long, 2.2 inches (5.5 cm) wide, and 0.8 inches (2 cm) deep.

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update to above review...
August 18, 2011
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update to above review i left!

sorry if it's a bit to read through, but i feel that it's nice to read a thorough review before buying something online. especially when it's something you've been coveting but unsure of. and doubly so when it's newly offered. ^_^


it is FANTASTIC! [have yet to tote it around campus yet - just happily placed it on the top of the neat stack i've been putting my school stuff into as school rolls back around soon on Monday]

the strap clip is STURDY. and the "leatherette" material is gorgeous. very nice hand-feel to it and i can tell it'd wipe clean in a jiffy with a damp paper towel or cloth. stitching is of matching color and very fine versus "obvious" and detracting from the visual esthetic. so far, the zipper is far from seeing like something cheap and ready to snag, though not some toothy sports jacket zipper, mind you.

while i didn't CRAM it til bursting, what i did manage to put in isn't about to clack and jostle around in there.

what i fit into it:
--- (4) coleto 5's. yes, i have 3 to have each color 0.3 cartridge on hand for studying and color-coding. 4th has 0.3 and 0.5 pencil cartridges, coleto eraser cartridge, and the black and blue cartridges in 0.3.
--- (1) small 6" ruler from Office Depot [it goes in first and lays flat. this helps. - i use it for underlining notes more neatly]
--- (1) Alpha Gel Kuru Toga pencil [0.5]. prob would have 0.3 instead if available. turq. body GOREGOUS.
--- (1) Kuru Toga High Grade [0.3] - i've tried the original 0.3 KT and this has a VERY nice balance and heft to it. and the grip part is thicker than the top colored section. this helps for a better "hand-fit". also, the lead breaks less than with original KT 0.3. "feels" like it's because of the lead sleeve (?). no visible improvement[s] to it, but i can feel it when i write with it.
--- (1) original Kuru Toga 0.5 - my "entry" into "fun penland". the veteran of the whole set.
--- (1) KumCut & (1) PenPass - incredibly useful!
--- (1) tube of Uni-Ball Size C eraser refills w/ 3 of those and 3 U-B Size S. extras stay home and i'm always stocked/takes up less space.
--- (1/2) Staedler white block eraser. like the above the "extra" stays at home on my desk and this half fits perfectly in the small space left by the pens shifting to the bottom end once clipped to my bag.

again, sorry for such a wordy review, but i hope this answers most if not all questions to would-be Saki case buyers.
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