Sakura Ballsign 4*1 4 Color 0.4 mm Gel Multi Pen + 0.5 mm Pencil - Black

Sakura Ballsign 4*1 4 Color 0.4 mm Gel Multi Pen + 0.5 mm Pencil - Black

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Enjoy four vibrant colors of smooth-flowing Sakura Ballsign pigmented gel ink plus a mechanical pencil with this sleek and convenient multi pen!

Features include:

  • Four 0.4 mm gel ink colors (black, blue, green, and red), plus a 0.5 mm mechanical pencil component.
  • Clip acts as a push button for the pencil component, extending the pencil tip and the lead.
  • Eraser located under a cap on the end of the barrel.
  • Slim body design with a pleasantly grippy texture.
  • Pigmented, water-based gel ink.

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I’ve been searching...
March 21, 2016
Verified Purchase
I’ve been searching for a long time for a gel multi pen with a tip of 0.5mm or below. The catch for me is that such a multi pen needs to look and feel like a singular pen, not some bright, cartoonish looking fat stick with ink. For the past couple of years, I’ve been using the Uni-Ball Signo MF3 off and on. It’s a great pen, but there was something missing for me. Then, the Sakura Ballsign appeared. This pen has all the colors I want and the clean, professional appearance I’ve been searching for!
The writing experience this far has been pretty good. The pen is well balanced with the bottom half of the barrel being metal and the top plastic. The rubber grip is simple and comfortable. I do find the 0.4mm tip to be a bit scratchy on “toothy” paper such as Doane Paper, but it was smooth as silk when writing in a Mnemosyne memo notepad. The mechanical pencil works very well too. It took some getting used to having to use the clip as the push button, but that really didn’t take too long. I do hope that refills of the eraser become available as I’m sure I’ll go through the eraser rather quickly since it is a bit on the small side.
My only real complaint is that the mechanism tends to jam up a bit when changing colors. Almost seems that you need to go in order when switching between one color to the next. Other than that, I’ve found no heavy flaws and would definitely recommend this to anyone out there looking for a better looking gel multi pen. I will definitely be coming back to buy a second Sakura Ballsign to leave at the office.
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I will compare this to...
May 11, 2016
I will compare this to the Uni Jetstream 4&1 0.38mm ink + 1 0.5mm pencil. I will refer to this pen when I say "Uni"

1. Ink
A) As one of the other reviewer stated the ink does not flow evenly on 'cheap' paper but works well if you use nice thick ones. For people living in Japan this is probably not an issue because almost all paper there is the quality equivalent to Kokuyo or Maruman. However, in America, where I live, there are plenty of cheap papers that feel almost like newspaper. I personally use graphing paper to do all of my writing, and the brand I use, Avery, happens to use this 'cheap' paper to make their graph paper, thus I cannot use this. However, if you use any decent paper, it should not be a problem. The Uni, however, will work well on these cheap paper flawlessly and does not skip.

B)The Sakura, however, does have a deeper black. It could be because there is more ink flow, since it is a "gel" ink, but there is no difference in thickness so it's not like it 'seems' more black because there literally is more black; it just spews out more black ink in the same 0.4mm thickness thus giving it a more true black color. The Uni is not bad, though. It is not like it is grey or anything. It is definitely black. It's just that once you use the Sakura, you can definitely tell that the Sakura is much more black than the Uni.

2. Engineering.
A) The pencil of Sakura seemed to knock itself back into the pen more often than the Uni. While using the Uni pencil, I have never experienced it ever retracting itself into the pen while writing, while the Sakura has done that several times.

B) The pen also rattles within the hole. This is a BIG deal for me, may be not for others. For me, this is a good enough reason to not use the pen. My letters are about 1-3 mm in height (judging from the spacing within the 5mm lines I write in). Thus, if the pen has a play of even 0.01mm, it actually really influences the neatness of my letters. I realized that if I just write slower, or write long enough that my hand automatically accommodates to this play it is not a problem, but I didn't want to adjust...sorry...too lazy. The one thing I love about Japanese pens is it's perfect engineering of its knock style pens where the pen does not have any play and is completely solid. The Uni is like this, the pen does not move at all. A perfect fit.

3. Thickness
The thickness of the Sakura is slightly thinner than the Uni and for me, a 5'8", 150lb male, I am fine with either, but I think I prefer the thinner one. I cannot use thin pen/pencils. It feels like I'm writing with a toothpick. I think the Sakura was a perfect thickness. The Uni, now, is slightly too thick for my taste.

This pen is not a problem and is a fantastic pen with great ink flow and color If:
A) you write on a normal paper, that is, not cheap paper that feels sort of like a newspaper/cooking sheet.
B) You don't mind the 0.005mm play between the ink and the casing.
C) The colors are beautiful.
D) is actually 0.4 mm thick.
E) perfect thickness for the average person.

If you are not a crazy person like me that only used pens that have 0% play and you use a normal paper, you should probably get this pen over the Uni because it has better color and is probably a better thickness pen for the average person.
If you are taller than 5'8" or have hands that are larger than the general public, then you might do better with the Uni.

The following comment has nothing to do with the brand, but with the ink, and is true for all pen, not just Sakura or Uni, but all pens.
A small note, for those of you who are still novice in pen fandom, is the fact that this is a gel ink. Gel ink has a heavier ink flow than the usual ball point pen. Thus, it will run out quicker. Usually you will notice that gel ink cartridges are much thicker than ball point pen refill ink cartridges, and it is for this reason. I use a ball point pen with normal ink flow and it runs out in about 1-2 weeks while the Gel will run out a little quicker than that. The Sakura ran out of ink in 4 days for me. I must say, this is probably not usual for people, but I write all of my notes and essays and journal with a pen, thus, me personally, as a person who writes a lot seek normal ink pens, not Gel. This is probably not a concern for the general public who only use the pen for signing something, or taking short notes in books while doing everything else on the computer, but that is not the case for me. So, to complete this review, if you are considering buying either the Uni or the Sakura, keep in mind that if you write a lot, you will be buying refills a lot. I use a ball point, the Uni, and I keep 2-3 extra backups in my bag at all times for I will go through all of them in about a month if I write more heavily than usual. I will further note that the writing experience of the Sakura was exceptionally good (the ink color and the thickness of the pen) that I was willing to switch out the ink more frequently. However, the fact that the ink skips on thin paper (which I use) and the fact that there is some play between the casing and the actual ink prevented me from further using the Sakura. (P.S. I use the typical Pilot Frixion pen in about 2 days; those pen's dump ink like a tsunami...man did I love those pens... only if they had a 0.3mm version with a conservative ink flow D:)

I gave it 4 stars because it is a fantastic pen, just not Perfect :b. Uni is less black than the Sakura and is slightly too thick for my taste, but the fact that it lasts longer and has no play are the more important for me, it may not be for you.
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Disappointed! The gel...
April 12, 2016
Verified Purchase
Disappointed! The gel ink doesn't come out evenly. I have to press hard or only use very good smooth paper. Not good for cursive only firm printing. No issues with the pencil. I bought 2 and both are the same.