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When I first used these...
June 14, 2011
When I first used these pens, I was disappointed. Then I learned how to use them. Unfortunately, they are not as rasied as I thought they would be, but they are the best that I've ever seen! No more embossing ink pens, embossing powder and heating tools!!

First off, you say away from porous paper. The ink seeps into the paper and that's that. What you want to do is write something slowly, then let it dry. Then write on top of it, slowly... If you write too soon, the existing ink will just get gooey and be dragged by the tip of the pen. You want to write gently, too, so that the ink comes out, but the pen does not press onto the existing ink. If you write gently enough, ink flows right out of the pen, onto the existing ink. Writing larger helps because the ink comes out in a broad fashion, so you'll wind up with wider letters than expected.

The 3D effect is not terribly huge. The letters that you write are raised, though. I sent a birthday card to my boyfriend and I addressed his envelope with the black ink. I wrote his name and address in large letters, let that dry, then I added about 4 layers, letting each one dry completely. Remember, like with nail polish, if you try to write sooner than it dries, you'll just drag the existing ink and ruin the effect.

The pens are awesome for addressing letters, writing a greeting in a birthday card (like "Happy Birthday", not the actual note), writing a salutation on the front of a greeting card, coloring in stuff. They are awesome and they have a place in my craft pen collection forever.
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They do write on vellum,...
July 23, 2008
They do write on vellum, however-- the "raised" texture is disappointing. According to the description, the written result can be "crushed-down." That's not the case. I've tried writing slower and letting more ink seep out, even letting less ink seep out of the nib, but no luck. The glazed effect IS pretty though. It's just disappointing that it's not raised as it portrays in the ad info.
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I love these! I got them...
June 24, 2011
I love these! I got them as a gift and keep them handy all the time. I quickly realized you can build up layers to give it a more raised look, letting each layer dry or simply by writing very slowly, allowing enough ink to coat the paper. It's best on paper that doesn't absorb the ink. The writing is shiny like the name glaze implies.
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These are awesome gel...
February 15, 2016
Verified Purchase
These are awesome gel pens! I also have the souffle pens that came in a pack of 10. These glaze seem to work much better than the souffle ones. The gel comes out very easy onto your surface. Best made pens when it comes to gels!
Excellent pens - translucent...
September 25, 2015
Verified Purchase
Excellent pens - translucent gel ink which has a raised, smooth texture. Function exactly the same as the Sakura Aqualip.
I love these pens! I...
December 15, 2014
Verified Purchase
I love these pens! I purchased them to use for glossy effects in my artwork. I didn't expect them to be anything other than gloss-adding pens, so I didn't feel disappointed at all. They add a really nice glossy layer and are exactly what I expected them to be.
The effect is different depending on what surface you choose to use. I only use them on different kinds of paper and have noticed that the glossy effect varies, but if it's not glossy enough - just add another layer after the first one has dried completely.
I have noticed that I mostly just use the clear and black pen, so I will probably not buy the set again, but will continue buying those pens separately instead.
I agree with the other...
March 4, 2010
I agree with the other reviewer. I was a little disappointed really. You can feel the ink when it dries but you cannot push the ink down, because it isn't "raised" as described. The colors are very pretty though and I found they dried fast enough on lined paper in case you wanted to use them for note taking in college, etc. Of course, on paper it just sinks in and writes as any other pen would.
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