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Doesn't bleed. Love ...
September 29, 2015
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Doesn't bleed. Love it
great liner! i draw/write...
May 28, 2014
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great liner!

i draw/write in a very sketchy manner, constantly overlapping my lines and making things look messy/rugged, and when i bough this it was perfect! The tip is protruding very far out of the pen (i have bad experience with pens and concave tips) the pen itself writes smoothly (though the ink looks pretty gray when placed on top of pencil, erase the pencil and it will be a very pretty, dark black colored ink!) it does details very well, since most of my before thin pens have been worn down/dried and i have nothing but stocky markers :(

i love thin pens and this is a great pen for lining, sketching, writing, or anything you would need a smaller sized for (like detaails!)

the only thing i could see as a problem with this is that if you press very lightly at the end of a stroke, the gets sort of scratchy and leaves visible holes, so make sure to use constant pressure when using this pen!
good luck
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