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I picked up about four...
June 4, 2011
I picked up about four of these in an art store some time ago because they were inexpensive. You really only get what you pay for with these pens as the brush starts to fray VERY quickly, even with gentle use and proper care. The tip is a felt tip instead of a real brush, which I expected since it's a disposable, but it never hurts to mention it, just in case anyone else was expecting a true brush pen. Because of that, the line width isn't as controllable as I'd prefer.

All-in-all, it's an okay pen for the price, but you can still get better disposables than this one.
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I love this brush pen....
December 20, 2015
I love this brush pen. I currently have about six other brush pens, different types/brands. I use them for hand lettering. This pen, however, I am really loving the way it writes. I am getting such nice lines, thick and thin, I find it very easy to control. I plan to order an extra one from this site, along with some other pens that I can't get locally.
Loved this pen!! Perfect...
August 25, 2015
Verified Purchase
Loved this pen!! Perfect to carry in my purse to practice my brush lettering on the go. Great thick and thin lines
Very pigmented, just...
August 24, 2015
Verified Purchase
Very pigmented, just a bit too soft, but could just be my taste.
Very fine. Prompt d...
April 8, 2015
Verified Purchase
Very fine. Prompt delivery.
i was really excited...
July 31, 2014
i was really excited when i bought this brush pen from a local art store because i liked all my other sakura pens. however, this brush pen doesn't have a nice brush tip, and after a few uses the tip begins to fray. i just cant achieve a nice line quality with it. sorry to say, but it's not really worth getting, especially if you want a brush pen for calligraphy. :(
The ink looks nice and...
July 2, 2014
Verified Purchase
The ink looks nice and dark, and wonderfully opaque. Plus it's waterproof. That's all this pen has going for it. I found that after about 20 minutes of moderate use, the nib's tip began to fray. Not that I could get much of a fine line beforehand, but after the fraying... forget it. I will say that it's good for making medium to broad expressive strokes, but there's not much line-width range for controlled, even strokes.

The Sakura Micron pens are great and long-lasting, the brush pen is not. JetPens has many other brush pens, both disposable and refillable, you'd be better off spending your money on, as other reviewers have said.
Freys quickly, drys out...
December 2, 2011
Freys quickly, drys out fast, too. Not as durable as sakura's other pens :( I'm sad to say I couldn't find anywhere to use this little guy. Whether it was writing or drawing: it seemed to mess it up.
I've been using the sakura...
November 10, 2010
I've been using the sakura brush pens, and while they are super cheap - they really are a disposible pen. I broke out a brand new pen for Nekocon commissions this past weekend. By the 3rd full size ink drawing, the pen had begun to fray, and by the 7th, I had to be very dilligent in my inking to make sure the fray didn't show.

The ink is still solid and black, but the pen is no longer useful for fine lines without paying super hard attention to it. I end up tossing the pens before they run out of ink due to the fraying.
these are pretty good,...
August 23, 2010
these are pretty good, but the nibs aren't the best. the many other japanese brush pens on jetpens have better nibs than the sakura's. my sakura pigma brush pen's nib is beginning to fray, and i don't even press hard. i didn't have it for long either. it might have just been my pen, but this sums up my feelings towards it. aside from that, the ink is nice and the tip is good for those fine strokes/lines. there are finer, but this is pretty good.
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