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I left a review on the...
June 17, 2013
I left a review on the 8-piece set of these pens as well, if you need more review information. I just wanted to add a bit to this particular member of the set after a bit more use. This one smears. Also, if you erase over them, they peel off and fade! When I say that they "peel" off, its kind of like wiping off correction tape from a page. I used these on Maruman paper, on standard copy paper, and on a cheap sketchbook. All had the same result. I was very disappointed at the quality of this set. :(
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I actually like this...
October 18, 2015
I actually like this pen quite a bit. I normally like to use the Papermate Flair for smaller sketches, but now I think I like this one more, as it's a little bolder and I can get some (very slight) line weight variation out of it. (But it's still a felt pen tip, so not too much variation.) The ink is a very dark and rich black, it glides on paper smoothly, and dries super fast - no smearing (and I've gotten smearing problems from other pens before.) It does feel a little rough when you keep going over the same area where you've put down ink, but it's not a big deal as I'm not typically doing that. It doesn't bleed through the paper I've used it on either, for either the Fabriano EcoQua notebooks (85gsm) or 24lb laser paper.

Great pen, I will definitely consider getting it again, after I try out all of my other felt tip pens from JetPens!

(As a side note - I'm not having any of the problems that the other reviewer had. No smearing, and no real problems when erasing over it - just very, very slight fading when using a Tombow Mono eraser, and that's after going over the same area a lot.)
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