Sakura Solid Marker - Fine - Yellow Green

Sakura Solid Marker - Fine - Yellow Green

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This ingeniously designed paint marker utilizes a solid stick ink. Unlike liquid-ink paint markers, it writes immediately, without any need for priming or worrying about running out of ink unexpectedly. It can also be used upside-down. The oil-based pigment ink shows up well on dark surfaces and is permanent and waterproof once dry. It can be used on a wide range of materials including metal, wood, glass, rubber, plastic, leather, canvas, and paper. It works well on both smooth and rough surfaces, making it great for outdoor projects, home improvement, and industrial use. It can even be used to write on wet surfaces or underwater—although the markings won't be quite as solid or well-defined, it works for making simple markings.

When the tip gets short, expose more of the marker stick using the following steps: Unravel one strip of the micro-perforated plastic sleeve next to the tip, and carefully pull off the white plastic tip holder. To maintain the marker's body length, you can install the removed plastic piece onto the other end of the marker.

This is the Yellow Green marker. Photos of writing on a wet surface and photos showing how to expose more ink feature the Green marker.

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