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These pens are very pretty....
January 1, 2009
These pens are very pretty. They do give an embossed look but I wouldn't exactly call it "puffy" though. They also seem to rub off really easily when written on hard surfaces other than paper. On the back it says do not scratch after drying, but even if you just set something on top of it or it comes into contact with another item, it sort of scratches or rubs off. Hopefully I can find a way to seal it on or something because I do really like this set.
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I have to rank these...
June 21, 2012
I have to rank these up with the other Sakura gel ink pens ... my favorite pens thus far for mixed media. To get a "puffier" line, run the ink slooowly across your paper. After THOROGHLY dry (will take longer than regular Sakura gels), re-coat. I think it's $20 well spent. Seriously. While I'm giving them a 5-star rating, I have to add that my one and only gripe is that my favorite color, green, seems to die early. I've been through 2 of them. I'm about to order a double pkg of the green because it's a such a lovely color. I'll post another review after many uses :)
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i got these pens... i...
February 12, 2010
i got these pens... i have to say they are awesome. i just ordered more pens that blow up.all of my friend think that they are soooooooo cool. if you like these then you might like the Dong-a popcorn puffy pens.
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The pens come in really...
February 22, 2008
Verified Purchase
The pens come in really nice colors. The only problem i seem to have is that you have to pile on the ink a bit because it won't puff if you write with them like an ordinary pen.
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My daughter placed these...
January 4, 2015
Verified Purchase
My daughter placed these on her Christmas list. She loves them. I placed the order, pens shipped promptly - very pleased.
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I quite like these pens...
June 10, 2014
Verified Purchase
I quite like these pens and I use them for fun effects in my artwork. They might not exactly be puffy, but they do add a certain look that might feel puffy. I only use them on paper, but have noticed slight variations to the effect depending on what paper I use. Sometimes the color of the paper can help in adding to that puffy feel as well.
These pens are definitely something I will be buying more of in the future.
I love this pens! I've...
June 17, 2008
Verified Purchase
I love this pens! I've use them to make my own greeting cards for Bdays and they are just great!
I really liked them....
March 18, 2008
Verified Purchase
I really liked them. The colors are very cute and with a pale finish. They do puff, but not that much. Anyway I wasn't expecting something big. The tonalities of the colors are just amazing. A must have item!
Is this pen working well...
June 24, 2011
Is this pen working well with the common paper that we find in regular office supplier?
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