Sakura Souffle Gel Pen - Gray - Pack of 2

Sakura Souffle Gel Pen - Gray - Pack of 2

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A favorite for craft and art projects, Sakura Souffle pens feature a unique 3-D ink that leaves a pastel-like raised line you can see and feel! They can write on regular paper as well as non-porous surfaces like plastic, glass, and metal. They can be used on white or colored paper, and their colors stand out particularly well on dark surfaces. The ink is waterproof on most surfaces, water-based, odorless, and AP certified non-toxic.

For best effect, write slowly to allow a thick line of ink to form and allow the ink to dry completely, which can take up to 10 minutes on most surfaces. Because the ink is thick and slow to dry, it is not ideal for extended writing. The raised effect works best on non-porous, clean, smooth surfaces and can be crushed down by pressing on it.

This is a pack of 2 Gray pens.

Also pictured: Mark's Maste Washi Tape.

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I was hoping they would...
April 10, 2015
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I was hoping they would be a little more raised when it dried, but I had to go over the lines at least 4 times before it was even a little raised. And I know you have to wait for it to dry completely before you should go over it again. Overall though I like them, I just wish they would sell them singularly .
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I haven't used the other...
October 1, 2016
I haven't used the other colors in the souffle series but this grey ink is a bit of a mess. When it sits or you use it for too long the ink clumps around the ball point and messes with your writing. If you don't clear the ink clumps away from the tip before you start writing it gives you an unsteady, transparent thin line. If you're diligent with it, you can get very good effects. It's an extremely wet writer and takes a long time to dry.

When it isn't clumping you get a very thick line that dries to a nice, opaque eggshell finish grey, and depending on how you wrote you might get a slightly 3D effect. If you try to retouch your lines it gets somewhat smashed and it doesn't look very good. I've used it mostly on a high cotton content, somewhat toothy paper so I'm not sure if it would perform better on a different surface.

Overall this pen is a bit of a hassle and the effect doesn't always work consistently but the I really like the color and finish. I'd love a gel pen in this color without the effect but it isn't exactly a high demand color so I'll keep buying these.
baby creep