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Seed Colorful Radar Light 100 Eraser - Green

by Seed

Seed Colorful Radar Light 100 Eraser - Green - SEED EP-KL100-G
  • Seed Colorful Radar Light 100 Eraser - Green - SEED EP-KL100-G
  • Seed Colorful Radar Light 100 Eraser - Green - SEED EP-KL100-G
  • Seed Colorful Radar Light 100 Eraser - Green - SEED EP-KL100-G
  • Seed Colorful Radar Light 100 Eraser - Green - SEED EP-KL100-G
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This Radar Light eraser is easy to use and pleasant to look at! It comes in a colorful variety of light colors with cases to match. It erases smoothly and thoroughly with a light touch, and due to its soft quality, the shavings are clumps rather than messy dust. The case is well-designed too. While erasing, the corners of typical eraser cases tend to dig into the erasers, causing eraser nicks or breakages at those contact points. To prevent this, the Radar Light case has notches in the corners that disperse the pressure between the eraser and case, thus reducing nicks and breaks.

This is Radar eraser size 100. Dimensions: 2.2 x 0.9 x 0.4 inches (5.5 x 2.3 x 1.1 cm).

Model NumberSEED EP-KL100-G
Shipping Weight0.68 oz
Eraser Refillable No
Eraser Type Block

7 people found this helpful
  Wow. I am thrilled with..., May 6, 2013
By sho... - See all my reviews
Wow. I am thrilled with this eraser. This Seed Colorful Radar is the best of both worlds--it erasers just as good (if not better!) than my Boxy and has shavings that clump together like a Matomaru-kun eraser. While the shavings don't stick to the eraser quite as good as with a Matomaru-kun, they still clump together enough that cleaning up the shavings is still way more convenient than compared to other erasers.

The notched casing is a fantastic idea. With my old Matomaru-kun, the paper casing would dig into my eraser and really tear it up, but not with this little guy! The eraser itself also isn't super gummy-soft like the Matomaru-kun is. With my Matomaru-kun eraser, I found myself having to use extra pressure to clean away pencil strokes because the eraser was almost too soft. But the Seed eraser is soft without having any give to it, so it really does erase well with just a light touch. It also works like a -dream- on coarser papers like sketch paper and mixed media paper, which is absolutely amazing. All of my other erasers just got replaced!

Not to mention this eraser is so super cute! Another great thing I've noticed is that gray lead residue doesn't build up as badly on the eraser anywhere near as badly as I had expected it too, so the cute light green color still stays looking great even after use. I couldn't be more happy with this eraser. I highly recommend it!
4 people found this helpful
  Makes erasing boring,..., November 7, 2013
By ryanprior - See all my reviews
Makes erasing boring, exactly the way it should be: no laborious scrubbing, no wiping away dust. A single strand of spent eraser which sticks to the eraser body, absolutely no graphite on the paper, first time every time. That's reliability.