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Seed Radarbio Biomass Eco Friendly Eraser

by Seed

Seed Radarbio Biomass Eco Friendly Eraser - SEED EP-RE 10
  • Seed Radarbio Biomass Eco Friendly Eraser - SEED EP-RE 10
  • Seed Radarbio Biomass Eco Friendly Eraser - SEED EP-RE 10
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Install solar panels, bike to work, and use a Seed Radarbio Biomass Eco Friendly Eraser. Polymers derived from biomass reflect the trend of producing materials from sustainable sources and reducing carbon footprints. This eraser is made of biomass polymer, and it reduces Co2 emissions by 50% in its product Life Cycle Assessment compared to the conventional plastic erasers.

Model NumberSEED EP-RE 10
Shipping Weight0.60 oz
Eraser Refillable No
Eraser Type Block

3 people found this helpful
  This eraser was okay...., March 11, 2012
By sau... - See all my reviews
This eraser was okay. I thought it would be a cool thing to have when i first saw it , but it dosent work to well. NOt RECOMENDED if your just interested in just having a good eraser, only for people who want to be favorite is the pilot foam eraser size 10 its perfect for classes and then art things
2 people found this helpful
  doesnt work that goo..., November 8, 2011
By pik... - See all my reviews
doesnt work that good...
  I really love this eraser,..., May 2, 2014
By eve... - See all my reviews
I really love this eraser, both for its eco-friendliness and for its efficiency. I have no problem erasing any kind of HB scribble or mark, on regular paper and in my kraft paper sketchbook. I love the large size for erasing big spaces and the thinner width for details.
  this is a great eraser..., March 27, 2010
By ann... - See all my reviews
this is a great eraser for being eco friendly, but is not that good of an eraser.