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January 22, 2013
On the whole, this is...
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On the whole, this is an okay eraser. However, I am used to the better erasers such as the Uni-Ball Enock eraser and Hinodewashi Matomaru-kun Eraser. If you want to buy a stick eraser, go with the Enock. The Ruflat Eraser doesn't erase well; in other words it leaves behind much of the lead (I used B-2B lead).

Erasing Ability-2/5

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June 1, 2014
The eraser itself is...
Verified Purchase
The eraser itself is surprisingly very hard. It erasers fine, though there is a good chance it may break. I originally bought it for erasing pencil lines on my drawings, but now it is for my writing; since it works MUCH better erasing in SMALL sections.

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November 5, 2014
Weirdest eraser I have...
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Weirdest eraser I have ever used! It was fun and different to try!

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