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The pros: The eraser...
August 3, 2013
The pros: The eraser is lightweight. The on button is comfortably placed, (you can use your thumb or your forefinger) and is slightly longer than other erasers I have used. This gives me a little more flexibility in how I hold the eraser and how I can maneuver it on the page. It does not sound like a jet engine taking off in use. It is quiet, much quieter than my Sonicare toothbrush. The eraser refill can be sharpened on an emery board to a nice point, which is useful to me in my drawing. The barrel of the eraser holds refills and an extra holder for inserting a refill. I've only used it a few times, but I like the way it erases. It spins, and the rotation slows a bit with gentler pressure and speeds up with heavier pressure, but in either case doesn't take much pressure to work well. It removes graphite and pastel effectively and hasn't done any damage to the paper I use for drawing (Strathmore 400, medium surface) or for watercolor/pastel (Fabriano hot press watercolor 200gr)

The cons: The eraser refills are very short, and the metal holder makes them even shorter. Without careful watching, I can see where I might end up pressing the metal edge into the paper and scratching or tearing it. The ink erasers are terrible. They are light grey. (I was hoping for a replacement for the Sakura blue ink solvent refills, which I only got to use once in a borrowed Sakura eraser just before Sakura discontinued them.) They make a mess on the page and don't seem to erase anything at all. I tried erasing Pigma Micron, Faber Pitt, LePen colors and some assorted ballpoint, rollerball, and fountain pen ink. Pretty much nothing but crumbled eraser and holes in the paper.

Overall: I like this very much for graphite and pastel drawing.
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