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  great highlighter for..., September 8, 2011
great highlighter for use in textbooks and on bible pages since it doesn't bleed through! can cause smudges on heavier inks like sharpies but only if the ink is wet. good product!
  When I first got this..., December 3, 2013
When I first got this highlighter, I wasn't aware of its crayon-like design, and at first I didn't like it at all. A few days later, I was reading and making notes in a literature anthology for a class I'm taking. I always use a pencil to underline instead of highlighting because the pages are so thin, but even with a pencil I can still see my marks clearly from the back of the page. I suddenly remembered this highlighter, and I am extremely happy with the results. Even if I lay it on thick, it can barely be seen through the page.

I still think the design could be better. The tip is cut in a way that makes it very hard to use neatly, but after using it for a while and wearing it down to an angled tip like a normal highlighter, it works much better, and it is a lot easier to be precise and neat. I also wish the gel stick was thinner, but I guess that might cause stability issues. With that said, I would highly recommend this highlighter for anybody that is in college and has problems highlighting on the ultra-thin pages that seem to be in most textbooks now, and if you're put off by the poorly shaped tip at first, use it for a while. You can wear it down to any angle to suit the way you like to use it.
  These are great to use..., June 14, 2013
By hakiml
These are great to use for all types of art. Sharpie has yet to let me down. I usually stock up from because that seems to be the cheapest place to get sharpies from. If you guys have a better place let me know, because I run through these like cupcakes. :) lol
  Interesting concept,..., April 27, 2013
By roqz
Interesting concept, but I feel like using a stick deodorant when handling it, lines aren't as consistent as when using the traditional or liquid highlighters.
  This is a fun highlighter...., September 19, 2012
By hmi...
This is a fun highlighter. The best part about it is that it does not smear any kind of ink, as long - of course - that you wait until the ink is dry to use it. In consistency it is somewhat like a wax crayon, and it is a bit messy to use. You can't get a perfectly clean line with it and it leaves little crumbs all over the page. But it's fun. It's like colouring with a crayon when you were a kid. The Sharpie Gel is currently my favourite highlighter, but it's probably not for everyone.
  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this..., March 15, 2012
By dmn...
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this highlighter. Orange is my favorite color. Always disliked the 'wet' highlighters, bled through paper & squeaked. Apply medium pressure, will lessen the flaking- off. The gel just glides smoothly over paper, unlike the 'drag' I experienced with the wet highlighters. And it smells like Play-do!! Time will tell if this fades like wet highlighters always did for me.
  This is a different looking..., November 22, 2011
By cla...
This is a different looking orange than most highlighter oranges, but it mixes things up. It has more yellow in it. This is basically a smooth, floerescent crayon. I have a feeling this will run out quickly, so I only use it occasionally. An okay highlighter.
  I really like the idea..., September 27, 2011
By sha...
I really like the idea of this highlighter. Have 3 in orange, yellow and pink. The texture is great, it's easy to highlight and i don't worry about it bleeding through my pages. If i highlight with too much pressure, clumps do fall off that feel like crayon bits. I don't mind it much - i just have to be more gentle in my highlighting. The coverage of the pink one isn't as good as the yellow or orange. Highlighted text feels slightly waxy and has a somewhat faint citrus-like scent. I've been using mine for 2 weeks now and have shaped the tip into a sharper end instead of the original blunt edge that it came in. Overall, i'm glad to have found this. I don't have to buy a pack of 12 crayons just for the 3 colors anymore. :D
  In theory this is a good..., September 14, 2011
By hu....
In theory this is a good idea for a highlighter, but it is not really a gel. I would say this is more like a giant fluorescent crayon. Since it's more waxy than it is ink-like, it doesn't smear or bleed when you use it, so it lives up to its reputation. However, the texture is quite weird, to the point where I hate using mine. Also, you can't really shape the tip to your's just sort of bulky and awkward.
  not precise and the gel..., September 14, 2011
By fun...
not precise and the gel is comparable to lipstick and clumps come off when using. it does go through paper a little bit.. but it doesn't bleed through as much as regular highlighters. overall not my favorite product
1 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
   I applaude the idea..., September 14, 2011
By nb
I applaude the idea of this gel highlighter, but Sharpie should have made improvements before its release, as bad reviews will sink this potentially fabulous product.
The "ink" is like a smooth writing gel crayon. It twists up like Chapstick and the "tip" is a broad oval surface (what a Chapstick tube would look like it it got run over by a car; no longer round). The strokes are wide to very wide, but you can angle the pen to make narrower strokes. The gel is a very nice florescent orange color.
The problem is that the gel is not flawless and the inherent nature of the gel causes occasional "crumbles" to be left on the drawn line and the line is not consistently full coverage like a regular highlight marker impression.

  I don not usually write..., September 12, 2011
I don not usually write bad reviews and I normally don't throw away things I purchase. I now have done both of those things with this highlighter.