Sharpie Premium Permanent Marker - Fine Point - Black

Sharpie Premium Permanent Marker - Fine Point - Black

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These refillable markers have a sleek, stainless steel barrel fit for celebrity use. Whether you are signing autographs or lunchboxes, the new Premium Sharpie brings a whole new look to an old favorite. Ink is permanent on most surfaces and is AP Certified non-toxic, quick drying, fade and water resistant.

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The only sharpie better...
July 20, 2015
Verified Purchase
The only sharpie better than this one is the industrial sharpie, but it looks ugly. This sharpie looks cool. Jetpens' price is actually cheaper than most. High functioning marker. I use it a lot at work, sometimes on a wet surface and the ink does its little fade thing but it returns to normal quickly. The clip hasn't broken off because I don't clip it, but it doesn't look like it could handle it. The body is made of aluminum not steel. You will look like a badass with this sharpie, I guarantee it.
Quality product, fast...
November 11, 2014
Verified Purchase
Quality product, fast delivery!
Stainless steel body...
January 27, 2014
Stainless steel body and cap, rubberized grip. Clip feels fairly sturdy, but could be bent out of shape permanently with a little effort. Ink didn't bleed through when I wrote a few sample lines in a pocket Moleskine. This is a mid-weight pen, very comfortable to write with, though it should be pointed out that fiber tipped pens drag on the paper rather than glide like rollerballs. Terrific pen for the price.
Pros: - Looks super...
February 20, 2011
- Looks super cool. THE best sharpie/permanent marker on the market. You won\'t necessarily use it that much (if you\'re a student) but it looks awesome in any pencil case.
- For the cost... it\'s worth it.
- I\'m a sports fan and i love to get autographs, and when i give the athletes this pen, they\'re always like \"whaohhhhh where\'d you get this???\" haha.
- The tip is wayyyy better than the regular sharipe. It seems to be made better and doesn\'t blunt as easily. Trust me, I\'ve had this marker for almost a year and countless athletes have use it and the tip still looks pretty sharp.
- Refills are relatively cheap.

-There aren\'t really any cons.... o.o
- Again, you may hardly use this but when you do use it, it\'s pretty sweet. (For the $ though....you may only use it 3-5 times a week sooo yah.....you may not want to spend that much on it...)
- It\'s just a stainless steel casing. The pen isn\'t all stainless steel, yet it\'s still cool.
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