Sharpie Retractable Pen - Fine Point - Black - Pack of 2

Sharpie Retractable Pen - Fine Point - Black - Pack of 2

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This felt-tip pen from Sharpie is conveniently retractable, so there is no cap to keep track of. Simply click and write! The pen uses a bleed-resistant, water-resistant, acid-free, and AP certified non-toxic ink formula. It is designed for use on paper, and may not be permanent on other surfaces. This Sharpie has a clean look, with its black body and silver clip.

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Don't confuse this with...
December 12, 2013
Don't confuse this with Sharpie marker pens: this is a different animal entirely in many ways.

What sets this pen apart from the Sharpie line in general is that while the ink is very dense and dark, it doesn't bleed through paper. It's amazing. I use it as a general writing pen at times; when I use very light paper stock, quite a number of pens bleed through: almost all felt/porous-tip pens, eventually, and even some gel-ink pens. This pen is one of the last holdouts for bleeding through.

The rather plump pen body is reasonably comfortable, with a grip area to keep it from sliding around. The retraction mechanism feels a little loose but works well. The ink outlasts the tip, unfortunately, which bends and flattens out eventually. It does indeed become chisel-like and provide an intruiging calligraphic effect, but at this price I expect better quality.

- The dense black ink doesn't bleed through paper.

- It's permanent. Out of curiousity, I tried "washing" it with acetone and got nowhere; it's now my official check-writing pen. And of course it's as waterproof as they come. When I used it on a paper food label once, I ended up soaking the container in water: the paper more or less disintegrated, but the writing was still clearly legible on what was left of it.

- The tip is fine enough for ordinary writing purposes; the ink is perfectly even and uniformly dark.

- Did I mention it **doesn't bleed through paper?** (I've given this pen as a gift on a number of occasions, only to find that people won't try it because they assume it will bleed through, even though I've assured them it won't.)

- The porous tip is fairly abrasive. It's not the best thing to use on delicate surfaces. Our local voting setup tried them out on ballots one year (where you fill in circles to mark your vote), and the tip was too abrasive. I was surprised (I've never had this problem). However, our local voters were especially worked up that year, and they may have taken it out on their ballots. So I would NOT use this pen for things like school budget/tax voting.

- The tip isn't especially durable. At this price, it should hold up better.

- It's expensive. I'd use these pens more often, but at over $3 each, they're just too costly for general writing purposes, especially when the tip doesn't hold up well over time. They go in one of my "special purpose" containers. I'm hesitant to take it places: I love it, but I hate the idea of leaving it somewhere by accident.

- The body is comfortable for short-term use, but it's not something you'd want to use for lengthy missives. The metallic-capped version of this pen is much more comfortable.

Even given the price, this pen gets my full, enthusiastic recommendation.
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This is an extremely...
April 24, 2013
This is an extremely good pen for anyone who likes fine tip black pens and needs to be pretty mobile.

Design is unconventional: The pen is kind of blunt at the end, and the contrast with the tiny retractable tip is really striking. However, some people hate that look, because it's fairly unique and bold. Same goes for the long retracting button.
Retractable tip doesn't dry out easily: You will not have problems with the tip drying out like you do with other pens & inks.
Ink is dark
You can stick this in your pocket and not worry whether the cap is sealed.

The button on mine is kind of wobbly. This could be fixed in later versions, but it's not engineered to extremely close tolerances or anything like that.
The tip on mine eventually bent and now it writes a bit like a calligraphy pen. Well, I've owned it for a few years now, so if it bugged me I'd go out and buy a new one. But I think it's a pretty look and it's like I'm writing/drawing with a dip pen. Looks like the inking in an old Tintin comic.
I don't think this is a good pen for writing or drawing fast.
This pen doesn't respond well to rough writing surfaces. But that is almost to be expected with a fine tip.
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