SmudgeGuard SG1 1-Finger Glove - Cool Black - Small

SmudgeGuard SG1 1-Finger Glove - Cool Black - Small

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Are you tired of the smudges on your hand from writing or drawing? Does your hand stick to your tablet when you're writing or drawing on it? The SmudgeGuard glove is the answer to your problems. It's designed to protect the side of your hand against smudges, or to help your hand smoothly glide across tablet screens. This easy-to-use glove is great for artists, including illustrators, graphic artists, and cartoonists. Students and left-handers will also enjoy using this nifty accessory. Left-handers in particular will appreciate that it helps prevent getting ink and pencil smudges on their hand.

The SmudgeGuard protects your hand from smudges by absorbing the ink or graphite when you write or draw, and minimizes the smudges on your work. It keeps the other fingers uncovered for dexterity.

The SmudgeGuard is perfect for drawing or writing on Wacom tablets or similar tablets. Your hand glides smoothly over the surface, resulting in smoother, more precise lines. It also reduces the heat exposure to the side of your hand from the warm tablet surface. What's more, the tablet surface is protected from smudges from your hand. The SmudgeGuard 2 (SG2) in particular was designed with tablet users in mind. Users enjoyed the 1-finger glove, and asked for protection for both the ring and pinky finger, so the ring finger was added to the SG2 glove.

The nylon and spandex material of the glove is breathable, flexible, lightweight, and comfortable. The glove is washable by hand and should be air dried.

One glove is included, and it can fit on either hand.

To determine your glove size, use an actual ruler and the size guide image. Because the size guide may not be actual size on your screen, a ruler should be used to ensure accurate sizing. For instance, if your four knuckles are 3 1/4” wide on the ruler, you are size M. If your width is exactly the measurement between sizes, the larger size is recommended. For instance, if your knuckles are 3 1/16" wide on the ruler, you are size M. Note that the XS size is for very small hands.

Note: touch gets transmitted through the glove to capacitive touchscreens (screens meant for finger touch use). The glove is better suited for screens that use a digitizer.

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This glove is simply...
March 18, 2015
This glove is simply amazing! I've been using it with my Cintiq since I received it, and as far as I'm concerned, it's indispensable. It does an excellent job of insulating my hand against the heat that the Cintiq puts off, and my inking lines are so much smoother now that my hand really glides across the surface. Seriously, this thing is amazing! I don't do a whole lot of traditional work right now, but I'm also looking forward to using the glove when I sketch (it drives me NUTS when I smudge pencil lines unintentionally when I'm drawing or brushing away eraser shavings).

I do have only two complaints, both of which are pretty inconsequential, but I did want to mention them. First, the tag on the inside of the glove with the size and fabric content itches SOMETHING FIERCE. Unfortunately, it's serged into place during the construction so it's not going to be easy to remove (I really would like to see the manufacturer look into printing the information on the inside of the wrist instead). Secondly, though the wrist measurement fits perfectly, I feel like there's too much material that makes up the palm portion of the glove, which leads to annoying bunching. I've got pretty petite hands though, so it might just be me :P
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The fit is ok, not perfect...
November 5, 2015
Verified Purchase
The fit is ok, not perfect but it works. I wish they had taken better care of the inside seams though and not put a tag inside the glove. I was able to remove the tag but the scratchy seam is still there. I'll see if I can lessen the effect by taping it with medical tape.
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Really useful! Just don't...
July 6, 2015
Verified Purchase
Really useful! Just don't try and show off to your friends by rubbing the glove all over a lead masterpiece. Only then will it smudge.
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It's great. It really...
July 2, 2015
Verified Purchase
It's great.
It really is. It never smudges.
Just. Just don't aggressively rub your hand over whatever you've drawn.
While demonstrating to a friend that it smudges nothing, I smudged everything.
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Surprisingly useful!...
June 9, 2015
Verified Purchase
Surprisingly useful! I was just using an old white cotton glove cut into the same shape as this, but I would still have some problems with the screen occasionally picking up my palm/wrist movement and the screen would also feel very hot on my hand. The SmudgeGuard has pretty much solved both of those issues.

My only caution would be don't try to take it off by only pulling on the finger part like you would a normal glove. If you do so, the stitching down the side of the finger will pop almost immediately (says the voice of personal experience). :( Luckily, mine hasn't come completely apart yet, but I'm expecting to have to sew it up a bit in the future because of my unintended rough handling. Otherwise, excellent product - I would buy it again!