Sonic Mochikata How to Hold Pencil Cap - Pack of 3 - Joint Metallic Armor

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Enjoy the convenience of having a pencil cap and grip in one. Typically, it is difficult to use both a grip and a cap on the same pencil. If you have placed a grip on the pencil, it is difficult to cap it, and vice versa. Sonic's Mochikata How to Hold pencil caps solve this problem. You can cap your pencils while the grips are still on. In addition, the grips' triangular shape and indentations guide kids' fingers into the proper pencil-holding form. ("Mochikata" means "how to hold" in Japanese.) The grips are fairly easy to slide on and off, which is convenient when you want to switch pencils. The caps fit snugly onto the grips and protect sharp pencil tips. With styles ranging from glittery pink to armor, these pencil caps make writing fun!
Model NumberSONIC SK-421
Weight0.7 ounces

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