Sonic Ratchetta Capsule Pencil Sharpener - Red

Sonic Ratchetta Capsule Pencil Sharpener - Red

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The innovative ratchet mechanism in Sonic's Ratchetta Capsule pencil sharpener makes hand-sharpening your pencils quick and easy. You no longer need to repeatedly let go and re-grip the pencil while sharpening! Simply rotating the pencil back and forth does the job. The mechanism is similar to that of a ratcheting screwdriver. The Ratchetta also has a compartment for shavings, and a cap for covering the pencil hole when not in use.

The cap also serves as a holder for short hexagonal pencils—insert the pencil top into the cap, and grip and spin the cap to sharpen the pencil. This works if the pencil top is hexagonal and not round.

By turning the dial on the sharpener, you can choose between two sharpness settings: fine point and broad point. The sharp point is perfect for precise writing and drawing, while the dull point, especially great for colored pencils, is ideal for creating softer lines.

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Great, unique shape....
January 29, 2015
Verified Purchase
Great, unique shape. Cap comes off in pencil case though and shavings are dumped in! :-(
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Well designed futuristic-looki...
October 28, 2014
Verified Purchase
Well designed futuristic-looking pencil sharpener that yields a nice sharp point or a blunt tip on regular size pencils with a turn of the indicator button. The clear waste receptacle locks securely with a twist to the ratchet mechanism, so the pencil shavings will not fall out by accident. While slightly larger than I expected, it is still fairly compact for a field sketching kit. I noticed that the lid features an hexagonal hole, so you could tie it with a lanyard if you wish to hang it within reach in your studio. Cool accessory for pencil users.
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I've been blaming my...
September 17, 2016
Verified Purchase
I've been blaming my pencils for breaking easily when sharpened, but after trying several brands and types of pencils over several days' work, sorry to say it but I'm now sure it's this sharpener that's at fault. I'm wasting pencils trying to stick with it--I'll have to dig out one of my old, cheap, and better sharpeners.
Bad experience with this...
July 15, 2016
Verified Purchase
Bad experience with this one. It feels a bit flimsy, isn't doing a good job of sharpening, and tends to snap off the points. It's going in the drawer and staying there.
The ratcheting motion...
February 23, 2016
Verified Purchase
The ratcheting motion is a nice, clever idea; it works well and makes for a quick sharpening job. This would be a great addition to a student's kit or even for a pencil enthusiast's every day carry (it's small enough to fit in a front pants pocket.). I have two concerns, however: first its durability and secondly replacement blades. Maybe those two points are mutually exclusive, Overall, I like it.

JP -- How about replacement blades?