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August 18, 2013
This thing is great....
Verified Purchase
This thing is great. Tried it right away with Stabilo "All" 8400 series colored pencils. They are very soft and notoriously hard to sharpen without breaking the lead and this sharpener brought them to a long, fine point with little effort. The ratcheting mechanism works great although I found the pop-up button to be negligibly useful. The one design flaw I've found is that you can't access the blade to clean it if it becomes clogged with a broken lead, but the fact that breaking leads while sharpening doesn't really seem to be an issue so far that might not matter. The chamber holds a fair amount of shavings, much more so than other compact sharpeners I've owned. I'm not sure how long the blade will hold up so i'll be ordering another one for my second drawing kit.

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April 7, 2014
A great compact pencil...
Verified Purchase
A great compact pencil sharpener to throw into your bag or even carry in your pocket. The chamber holds a good amount of pencil shavings and so far has never popped open by accident with me. The notification button is an excellent concept and gives near perfect points on every sharpen. The only downsides that this pencil sharpener could have is that broken lead can be hard to get out occasionally and the ratcheting sound can be somewhat loud ( Wouldn't use in the middle of a test when everyone is really quiet). Other than that the ratcheting mechanism is put to great use with this sharpener and helps when removing pencil shavings from the chamber by rotating the blade.

November 7, 2013
It does a good job of...
It does a good job of sharpening the pencil, although turning the pencil works just as well or better than rotating it. The button has to be pushed in for the sharpener to work but the button does not pop up. I wasn't terribly impressed other than the fact that the sharpener did indeed sharpen, which is more than can be said for many portable sharpeners.