Sonic Ratchetta Pencil Sharpener with Notification - Pink

Sonic Ratchetta Pencil Sharpener with Notification - Pink

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The innovative ratchet mechanism in Sonic's Ratchetta pencil sharpener makes hand-sharpening your pencils quick and easy. You no longer need to repeatedly let go and re-grip the pencil while sharpening! Simply rotating the pencil back and forth does the job. The mechanism is similar to that of a ratcheting screwdriver. The Ratchetta also has a compartment for shavings, and a lid for covering the pencil hole when not in use.

This Notification sharpener has a button that you press down before sharpening. As you sharpen, when your pencil point is sharp and ready, the button pops up with a click sound, notifying you that you are done sharpening. Thus your pencils are saved from over-sharpening.

This is the Pink sharpener. Photos showing a pencil being sharpened feature the Orange sharpener.

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The little sharpener...
March 10, 2015
Verified Purchase
The little sharpener is well done. The thumb break button is perfect for getting that uneven pealing you get with most of the small hand sharpeners. Plus, it is smooth and cuts a clean surface where the barrel is cut away. So, it is sharp and smooth, and allows you to get an even cone shape where the wood has been removed from the lead.
Works great and looks...
February 27, 2015
Verified Purchase
Works great and looks cool I am not sure the "indicator" feature really works. The sharpening mechanism is excellent though.
I'm not sure if I broke...
December 12, 2014
Verified Purchase
I'm not sure if I broke this or what - but I don't get whatever racheting action is supposed to happen. It's still a nice big sharpener to hold shavings, but there's nothing different about it. Maybe if I read Japanese it would explain :)