Sonic Ratchetta Pencil Sharpener with Point Adjustment - Pink

Sonic Ratchetta Pencil Sharpener with Point Adjustment - Pink

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The innovative ratchet mechanism in Sonic's Ratchetta pencil sharpener makes hand-sharpening your pencils quick and easy. You no longer need to repeatedly let go and re-grip the pencil while sharpening! Simply rotating the pencil back and forth does the job. The mechanism is similar to that of a ratcheting screwdriver. The Ratchetta also has a compartment for shavings, and a lid for covering the pencil hole when not in use.

By turning the dial on this Point Adjustment sharpener, you can choose between two sharpness settings: fine point and broad point. The sharp point is perfect for precise writing and drawing, while the dull point, especially great for colored pencils, is ideal for creating softer lines.

This is the Pink sharpener. Photos showing a pencil being sharpened feature the Blue sharpener.

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You don't think you need...
October 28, 2015
Verified Purchase
You don't think you need a ratcheting pencil sharpener until you've tried one. At first, the advertised ratcheting mechanism feels a bit gimmicky but the more you use it, you realize how easy and convenient it is! I also love the bright pink color, it makes the sharpener very easy to find in my desk drawer.
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The only thing that adjusts...
August 16, 2016
Verified Purchase
The only thing that adjusts on this is if you want a blunt or sharp tip. The ratcheting part is cool but this sharpener is picky about what pencils it will sharpen. Ticonderoga pencils sharpen pretty nicely (if you like a long point), but none of my nice pencils would sharpen well with this. I have Tombow, Palomino, and Mitsubishi pencils that I love and every one of them felt like I was torturing the poor thing and came out very rough. I gave it to my son who uses Ticonderoga.