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Sonic Ruler - 15cm

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Sonic Ruler - 15cm - SONIC SN-366
  • Sonic Ruler - 15cm - SONIC SN-366
  • Sonic Ruler - 15cm - SONIC SN-366
  • Sonic Ruler - 15cm - SONIC SN-366
  • Sonic Ruler - 15cm - SONIC SN-366
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This ruler by Sonic is simple and made of high-quality, scratch-resistant clear acrylic. It is a little thick, making it easy to grab off the table. The markings are easy to read, and measurements begin and end at the very edges of the ruler—for instance there is no gap between the "0" mark and the edge of the ruler. This is convenient for measuring heights and depths, when an extra gap at the end of a ruler may get in the way. The ruler is 15 cm (5.9 inches) long.

Model NumberSONIC SN-366
Weight0.5 ounces


November 2, 2014
Nice and sturdy ruler....
Verified Purchase
Nice and sturdy ruler. I only use clear rulers because I like being able to see through it. I decided to pick this up because I was getting fed up with the 99-cent rulers I was getting from Staples that would be wrecked in under a year. The staples clear plastic rulers I was using were much thinner than this one, the numbers and markings would come off just from the wear it got by residing in my pencil case. The edges would also wear out, so that the lines I was making would look more like squiggles!

Not the case with this ruler though! I've had it for about 7-8 months now, and all the numbers and markings are just like when I first got it. I did notice that the 'scratch-resistant acrylic' isn't entirely scratch resistant as I have a series of fine scratches on it, but as I said, the markings and numbers have not been scratched off. The extra thickness of this ruler gives it a nice sturdy feel. It doesn't feel like it would snap in half easily.

Since getting this ruler, I have tossed all my other rulers aside. This is the ruler I carry with me in my pencil case now!

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January 22, 2015
Its a small ruler, perfect...
Verified Purchase
Its a small ruler, perfect for measuring EKGs. I dont have to worry about it breaking either!

January 20, 2015
Awesome ruler for hi...
Verified Purchase
Awesome ruler for highlighting/underlining!

December 28, 2014
Good little ruler for...
Verified Purchase
Good little ruler for those quick measurements and straight lines!! Good to have around on the desktop.

November 10, 2014
Sturdy and attractive....
Verified Purchase
Sturdy and attractive. A great addition to my pen cup