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i really enjoy writing...
February 15, 2012
i really enjoy writing with the stabilo bionics. The ink doesn't come out totally solid like most liquid ink pens, and that's nice. There's real character in how the ink trails.

The handle is also very comfortable to hold, and the protruding dot on the barrel prevents the pen from rolling off uneven surfaces.

The pen also looks so damn good. The rubber body also feels so damn good.

I recommend.
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I really like the feel...
June 24, 2012
Verified Purchase
I really like the feel of this pen. I enjoy rubber bodied pens greatly. This is a very well designed pen and it feels very good in the hand. The ink is dark and there is very little resistance across the page as you write. I will agree with other reviews I've read. This may be advertised as a 0.5 mm but the line is much wider. Compared to say the Zebra Sarasa I'd say the line width is between the 0.7 and 1.0 mm sizes. But I prefer bolder lines so this isn't an issue. Just don't buy this expecting a fine line. The other big issue is that for such a nice pen this is NOT refillable via any means. In this day an age, and for the price this is a bit no-no! I wish Stabilo would make one of these refillable and retractable. This would be awesome.
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Excellent pens - one...
January 8, 2015
Verified Purchase
Excellent pens - one of the best roller ball pens I have ever used or purchased! I brought two - wish I had purchased a dozen!
I like the feel of the...
December 14, 2014
Verified Purchase
I like the feel of the rubber-like body, the clip is sturdy, and the whole pen has an interesting look. The thing I don't like is the line width is huge, and appears to easily be 0.7mm or even 1.0mm in width.
March 7, 2014
Verified Purchase

I wish I had scrolled all the way down to find the one review that says this pen writes like a 1.0. I made the mistake of seeing all the reviews with 4+ stars so I went for it. This is a case of faulty (contradictory) labeling on behalf of Stabilo. If you look closely it says "Medium - 0.5mm". If you know your pens, 0.5 is always sold as "fine" or "extra-fine", depending on the brand.

So... just to re-emphasize what the other reviewer stated: There is no possible way this even comes close to 0.5 or 0.7. To tell you the truth, I put it at a tad thicker than 1.0mm but only because of the result that's left on paper. I think due in part to the flowy, bleedy nature of the ink.

I think I should note that this pen feels marvelous in your hand! It has a nice non-slip, matte/rubbery grip to it. The pen length is a tiny bit on the shorter side -- so this would be a problem for people with larger hands.

Needless to say... this is in no way JetPen's fault. They do a wonderful job of being as detailed as possible with cataloging their merchandise! I should have paid closer attention. They are selling it as it is stated by the MANUFACTURER, so no fault of JetPens whatsoever.

My next order I will take a chance and go for the "0.3mm" version to see if that satisfies the thin point I am looking for in all my pens!
I really like these pens....
October 18, 2013
Verified Purchase
I really like these pens. The ink is a deep black and flows smoothly. The line width is ideal for writing letters and reports. I think this pen is the best inexpensive roller ball on the market. My only regret is that it is not refillable.
I purchased both the...
April 15, 2013
Verified Purchase
I purchased both the Bionic Worker and the Worker Colorful in 0.5mm with black ink and I honestly can't find any difference between them. I usually don't like rollerball-style pens, but I love these. The ink is incredibly smooth and nice solid black. The rubberized body of both pens feels nice in my hand. The length and body width of the pens are very comfortable to hold, but lightweight so your hand won't get tired. I would compare the overall style and feel of these two to a Schneider Slider Memo XB (my favorite pens of all time!), though these are slightly shorter.
0.5 writes like 1.0 or...
January 25, 2013
Verified Purchase
0.5 writes like 1.0 or higher.

I should have paid attention to the reviews. While this pen does write nice, the line is way thicker than 0.5. I bought 5 other pens that were 0.5 and this one writes even thicker than some of my 1.0 pens.

So, be aware and buy smaller than you normally would if you're concerned about line weight.
Feels lovely to write...
January 23, 2013
Verified Purchase
Feels lovely to write with - perfectly smooth roller ball and doesn't "catch" when writing quickly like some other pens. The pen body is well-balanced, interesting to look at, and generally feels good in the hand. Quite a shame that it can't be refilled, but it should be a pleasure to use while it lasts. I would also prefer a visible ink window, personally.
I usually don't like...
March 22, 2012
Verified Purchase
I usually don't like this type of gel, felt pen but I love this one. Nice Grip...Keep up the good work. As weird as it may seem, I like the Industrial look it has... : - )
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