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The Bionic Worker roller ball pens were designed by Stabilo for demanding professional use. The ink flows smoothly and produces a fine line great for every day writing needs. A small nub on the side of the body prevents the pen from rolling away. The body also features a soft rubber coating and is ergonomically shaped for writing comfort. The high-quality tip is made of nickel silver (a copper alloy with nickel also known as German silver) and gives an extremely smooth writing experience while dispensing the latest Stabilo bionic liquid ink technology.

Note: Liquid ink rollerball pens typically write wider than a similarly labelled gel or ballpoint ink pen. This 0.3 mm rollerball pen writes similarly to a 0.5 or 0.7 mm gel pen.

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yes - the LINE is .3mm,...
May 25, 2015
yes - the LINE is .3mm, not the tip. In Japanese pens, the measurement corresponds to the tip size, not the line size, which is always much smaller. So, an Energel .5mm tip is going to make a smaller line than that, like a .2 (estimating).

Stabilo, a German company, marks the pens with the LINE width, which in the case of their "fine" pens, is .7mm. Not "fine" by the rest of the world's standard. Thats just how they do it.

I hope Stabilo develops an "ultra fine" tip, where the marking would be .1 or .2 for the LINE width. Judging from the smoothness and boldness and overall quality, those would be an ultra-fine winner.

But for a .7, really "medium" tip pen, these ar bold and smooth and beautiful-performing writing instruments.
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Like all the other reviews...
August 2, 2014
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Like all the other reviews of Stabilo Bionics, this pen flows well, produces a crisp black line, fits comfortably into the hand, looks kind of neat, and writes much, much thicker than promised. I'd say the line on this is more like a .7mm pen (or maybe even a little bigger). If you actually want a bold rollerball pen, this isn't a bad choice. But it's definitely not going to work like a .3mm fine pen, no matter what Stabilo seems to think.
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Beautifully smooth, dark...
February 22, 2015
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Beautifully smooth, dark line - but definitely not a 0.3mm. I agree with other reviewers who estimate this at 0.7mm or so. Not waterproof.
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I agree with those that...
December 2, 2015
I agree with those that point out this is not a .3mm pen. Comfortable in the hand and easy to keep track of, but the Fine .3mm point makes a wide line bigger than my RT V5. This may have to do with the ink being very thin. Disappointed with this pen.
Writes well, but definitely...
November 3, 2015
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Writes well, but definitely not 0.3 line width- much thicker.