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I absolutely love this...
June 3, 2013
Verified Purchase
I absolutely love this pen. It is true that it lays a somewhat heavier line than expected of a .3mm pen, but it is soooo smooth. I like the slightly hefty size and feel of it and the rubberized case, although if you are one who slips your pens in and out of a shirt pocket frequently, the rubber case will become a nuisance. Great pen. And how often do you get such great pen in interesting colors?
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This pen feels great...
March 9, 2015
Verified Purchase
This pen feels great in your hand, the ink flows great and is a nice emerald color. Why a bad review? This is definitely not a .3mm pen. It's great if you want a ~1mm pen, but it's definitely not a .3mm.
I have both the .3 mm...
August 22, 2014
Verified Purchase
I have both the .3 mm and the .5 mm and I would agree with one of the other reviewers that these pens write a bit wider than the advertised nib. So the .3 mm is closer to a .4 mm or a .5 mm and the .5 mm is closer to the .7 mm.

That being said, I like the .3 mm a lot. I find the .5 mm to be somewhat smoother to write with, but I prefer with width of the .3 mm on paper. If you could merge the .5 flow with the .3 size, it would be a perfect pen!

I would have to say if you are looking for a true .3 mm, then I would go with a Pilot or Mach 3, something that is closer to a .3. But if you want a really nice pen for this price, then absolutely buy this pen!
Just received this pen...
June 5, 2012
Verified Purchase
Just received this pen and I don't like it. I wanted an Ultra fine green pen and decided to give this a try. The grip is nice but the ink comes out more like a 0.7 mm tip and not a 0.3 mm tip. Not worth the time or effort to return but I definitely will not be purchasing any more. If you like a medium tip pen, this may be for you. But I left and do not have great penmenship so I NEED an ultra fine tip pen. With a nice feel to the body, I just wished they delivered on what they advertised.
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