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I absolutely love the...
August 13, 2012
Verified Purchase
I absolutely love the ink and the roller ball on this pen. However, it puts down a line that is far larger than 0.5mm. However, there are times every few hundred years where I'm ok with writing such a thick liner.

However, I am surprised as how much I dislike holding the pen. There are a few reasons. The first one is that there's no place to put the cap. I will lose a cap that I can't pop on the end of the pen. Again, that's also a forigveable thing. But the part that I can't get past is how badly the grips are placed. I realize that the listing notes how great it is for learning to write, and that is normally done by children. So the pen is probably sized specifically for children. However, I have small hands (I had to fashion an extra key on my bassoon just to be able to play every single note, and I wear a size 5.5 ring), and the pen is still not comfortable for me.

I thought that perhaps I hold all my pens wrong, and I looked up a lot of pages explaining the proper way to hold a pen, and I am doing it correctly. It's just that the indents are badly placed for me.

I really want to like this pen, and truthfully, it comes close to being awesome in so many ways!

The ink is a delight, the look of the pen is unique, and the weight/size is great.

However, the extra thick line, the fact that the cap could easily roll away since it can't be attached to the other end of the pen, and the discomfort holding the pen since the indents seem to placed for someone else leave me very disappointed in this pen.

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Very comfortable to...
June 8, 2015
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Very comfortable to write with.
Love the shape and feel...
November 24, 2014
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Love the shape and feel of this pen. Very comfortable to write with.
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