Stad Mini Scissors Keychain - Black

Stad Mini Scissors Keychain - Black

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These tiny little scissors come in a convenient keychain format, perfect for portability! The scissor blades come out of the safety casing when you slide the switch. Attach them to you keys, or keep them in a pocket or purse with ease!

Scissor keychain dimensions: Approximately 1.7 inches (4.3 cm) long when closed, 2.6 inches (6.5 cm) long when blades are out.

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In response to the other...
October 6, 2013
In response to the other reviewer: uhhh.... did you look at the dimensions or the description? It's a pair of scissors to go on a keychain that has all of a .9 inch blade... what were you expecting? The smoothest gliding scissors you'd ever purchased ever for the great price?

Anyway, on to a legitimate review:
[Preface: I'm a student, all my stationary goes towards academic purposes]

I have a Lihit Lab Teffa Pen Case ( http://www.jetpens.com/Lihit-Lab-Teffa-Pen-Case-Book-Style-Orange/pd/7667 ) among several other cases and I definitely love throwing these in my bag so that I can cut a small section of a sticky note or something to paste in my notes when I need to add some temporary detail, or just anything along those lines. Definitely when I need to trim something in the middle of class, they're totally awesome to have.

A star was deducted because as the other reviewer mentioned, they really aren't the best scissors ever and they can be difficult to open sometimes, but once you've got them open, they totally do their job. They're also a lot of fun to have -- a girlfriend got them for me as a gift and they seem very toy-like to have, both kinda cute and functional.

The price might be a little bit much, but I totally enjoy having them.

it doesnt cut great....
September 21, 2013
Verified Purchase
it doesnt cut great.