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  I bought these pens at..., September 1, 2012
By mis...
I bought these pens at a drugstore about 3-4 years ago, and while I've lost about half of them over the years, I still have and use the blue, red, pink, and black pens today--they're nearly out of ink but they still write with a nice bold line, especially blue & red. The silver writing on the barrels has worn off over the years, but that's no surprise.
By the way: the pens do benefit from a few squiggles on scratch paper before use, then they warm up and start writing perfectly...because I noticed some skips during the first few sentences. But after that, its smooth sailing! The writing is not as smooth as Jetstream, of course, but its comfortable enough for long journaling sessions and serious note-taking, even on cheap school notebooks, like USA Mead composition books. The 1.6mm lines are easy to read and the colors have stayed bold and bright over the years (except when I read my notes taken with the pink and light green pens, those two colors are probably too bright for readable notes).
So take a little chance on these pens. I am glad to see Jetpens carrying them, because now I want the full set again and I cannot find them anywhere anymore!
  Great bright colors...., August 27, 2013
Great bright colors. These write with a bold line and the colors are very saturated, better than I expected. However, they don't write consistently on some types of paper.
  I am ecstatic to see..., October 22, 2012
By dr....
I am ecstatic to see JetPens selling theses pens because I have searched and searched for them to no avail. I am stocking up just in case. If you like a bold point this is the economical way to go!