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ABS black plastic drafting pencil features color coded body ring, fixed lead sleeve, rubber grip, lead grade indicator, metal clip and eraser under the cap. The pencil's balanced and light weight makes it a favorite tool for professionals.

Pencil dimensions: 13.9 cm length x 8 mm diameter.

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I think a lot of other...
November 19, 2012
I think a lot of other artists have to agree with me that this pencil is one of the most popular locally available quality drafting pencils. But for good reasons too--
Pros: Solid clicks, Lead hardness indicator, comfortable yet thin rubber grip, sleek professional look, unjamming rod (Not that you need it)
And I cant really think of any cons except for maybe a solid, durable, plastic body?
This was my go to school pencil UNTIL I discovered my trusty Kuru Toga Roulette, which the Staedtler has quality somewhat close to that high level.
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Staedtler 925 Drafting...
November 6, 2011
Staedtler 925 Drafting Pencil,

Pros: Stylish and professional look, rubber ribbed grip designed for prolonged and ease of comfort use, Well designed tip so you can see lead tip length,comes with a lead cleaning needle in case a lead jam occurs(and this is a huge advantage this pencil has over other mech. pencils), and convenient lead indicator window so you know what grade of lead the pencil's using.

Cons(Nothing major, just nitpick): Occasional lead jams, but that's why the needle's there, the lead window and eraser cover tend to be loose and can be dislocated easily at times but that's not too much of a problem.

Highly Recommended! Get this pencil and don't shy away if you find it(be it here @ Jetpens or @ an art/office supply store)! If you want a pencil that has a good,comfortable grip as well as overall good performance, get this pencil without hesitation!

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Heres my review of this...
March 1, 2013
Heres my review of this drafting pencil.

Length - Good, nothing bad, works well enough.
Pipe Length - About standard, not enough to really change how I write or noticeable.
Tip - Definitely different than other brands, but thats what separates the brands. Works well enough, no gripes.
Grip - Long enough to support just about every kind of writing technique.
Lead Indicator - Has one, thats a plus in itself, color coded to give visual on which lead size it is at a glance.
Lettering - I havent used the 0.5mm enough to see if it'll wear off, decent enough.
Clip - Standard, works.
Cap - Has a lead size on the top which is nice if yoave your drafting pencils in a soup can or something else where they are standing more vertical that laying down.
Weight - Light, but weight really isnt an issue with me on really any drafting pencil.
Eraser - Has one, I dont use it though.
Finish - Nice enough finish to look presentable.
Price - Very reasonable, especially on this site.

Grip - Its more on the slippery side. Not major, but coming from metal knurled pencils, its noticeable.
Lead Indicator - Not very stiff, has turned on me several times.
Cap - Biggest gripe, the cap will come off, for some reason its about 2-3mm too short for my taste. Has fallen off numerous times, irritating to stop once I find out it fell off and have to look for it.

I have this in the 0.3mm, 0.5mm and 0.7mm. I like them, especially for the cost, but since I have many other pencils, I dont use these a whole lot. I wont drop it for another if I pick it up blindly, but as far as everyday usage, it doesnt get used that much.
I got this pencil a while...
May 28, 2012
I got this pencil a while ago, but not from Jetpens. It looked very nice, so i gave it a try. Unfortunately, I was a bit dissapointed:(.....This pencil shoots out WAY too much lead out at once! So ONE click is all you need! Also, the push buttom is extremely loose, so erase carefully. The eraser is ok, but not worth buying refills for: You can fit a cap eraser on the top of the pencil, but be warned, once the eraser is put on, it cannot be removed, until it is used up. It is also a tad shorter than the average pencil. Very light, but comfortable; dont know if its just my particular pencil, or all of them, but not recommended if you expect more from a $6.75 pencil (I actually got it for $7.99 from a local Michael's).

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