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December 11, 2013
Professional illustrator...
Verified Purchase
Professional illustrator here. I just want to chime in to raise the rating on this product -- these leads (all of the Mars Micro leads) have been my favorite graphite for YEARS, and I was thrilled when JetPens added them to their stock, because they're impossible to find in stores! With the *possible* exception of the harder grades (I'm about to order some to see, as I tend to stick to the softer leads myself), there is something magical about this stuff: I don't know what Staedtler adds to their leads (or maybe their graphite is extra finely ground? I'd be interested to find out), but drawing with it is almost like drawing with a gel ballpoint pen or something, it's SO smooth. There is virtually NO drag on the paper or any of that annoying chalkboardlike squeak you get with some mechanical pencils. It's also more smudge-resistant than many leads I've used. It is maybe a little on the fragile side, but I wouldn't say any more than any other 0.5mm lead, and I rarely break one of mine. Every time I hand my pencil (the 774 pencil which JetPens also carries) to another artist to try it out, they boggle at how smooth it is and threaten to steal it. I can't recommend it highly enough.

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December 5, 2013
Don't know if I'm just...
Verified Purchase
Don't know if I'm just writing too hard but the lead keeps breaking on me :/