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It was love at first...
October 6, 2012
Verified Purchase
It was love at first sight when I first spotted this neat pencil accessory in a Pencil Talk post a few years back, so I was quite pleased to finally find it stateside. In addition to working both as a pencil stub extender and a pencil point protector, it features an extendable twist-advance cap eraser, pocket clip, and lead degree indicator (covering the range from from 2H to 4B including F). Users of premium and vintage wooden pencils would likely find this stylish tool quite pleasing to hold and effective in handling stubs 3-4" in length. It features a matte silver finish, and its brand and degree markings are subtly etched in a glossy shinier finish. The pencil stub is easily secured by tightening the lightly textured grip around it. Its tooth provides a firm grip without being excessively abrasive like the knurled metal grips of many leadholders. Highly recommended.
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An expensive accessory...
April 30, 2013
Verified Purchase
An expensive accessory but once I had it on my hands I knew why.

First, note that it works with pencils with a length of up to 10cm. Unless you want to have a protruding and large pencil.

The pencil is secured with a mechanism similar to those used in a drill to secure drill bits, and the eraser uses a screw top system too, you turn it clockwise to show the eraser little by little, very sophisticated.

And of course, it is lightweight, it might add just the required weight to a wooden pencil to convert it into a balanced writing utensil. Very useful to write comfortably with the last bits of those pencils laying around the house.
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ryoji kezu
A superior pencil holder...
October 30, 2012
Verified Purchase
A superior pencil holder worthy of making the last bit of a Mono 100 or other great pencil shine. The knurled grip feels good and rotating the holder to maintain pencil points is easy. The clip and built in eraser makes this easy to carry as well. Overall, a very functional and useful writing tool for whoever likes to use wood cased pencils.
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Pencil Snob
Very well made and works...
December 12, 2013
Verified Purchase
Very well made and works very well. I can use my favourity pencil until it is 3/4 inch long. It is also classy on a shirt pocket giving me that elegant nerdy scientist look.
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jerry Lee
Excellent sturdy yet...
January 22, 2015
Verified Purchase
Excellent sturdy yet stylish pencil holder that I highly recommend
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Excellent pencil holder...
November 5, 2014
Verified Purchase
Excellent pencil holder to extend the life of your favorite pencils, even if you have to resort to cutting off the ferrules on your Blackwings.
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I have owned this thing...
July 28, 2016
I have owned this thing for now 5 years, I have always needed a pencil holder when my pencils were too short. This has been saving tons of money because it allows me to use the 1/4 left of the pencil you could not normally use. The only flaw is that it could beinsecure hold slightly thinner or triangular pencil, but still worth 5 stars. But the durablity it just awesome. It still even to this day after tons of use it looks almost like it did out of the box. It is one of my favorite tools. I am more than happy to recommend this to everyone.
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