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Great pencil, only gripe...
August 1, 2012
Great pencil, only gripe is that the regulator/cap seems to rattle - same thing seems to be happening to others...
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I just received my regulator...
March 18, 2011
I just received my regulator .5 and a previous review was right. It's like the BMW M3 of drafting pencils. Top of the line...and probably the best mid-range drafting pencil out there. I was looking to by the best and I'm pretty sure that I found it.

- All metal. Feels great and looks super sick :D
- Best looking drafting pencil on this site and other sites.
- The clip looks way better than the graphgear pencils.
- The top of the pencil (where it says .5) looks awesome
- The grip is really nice. I use alpha gels a lot, but they've been stuck in my pencil case ever since I got this. ^^
-The regulator functions exactly how Jetpens said it would.
- Nice weight. Actually, wait...never mind. AWESOME weight.

- There's a little nub on the clip that's super strong. Therefore, it's impossible to clip sheets of paper. While the clip looks nicer than the graphgear clip, the graphgear clip is much more useful whereas this clip is just for looks and so the pencil doens't roll down your desk.
-There's a rattling sound when you write. I'm not sure where it's from though. I assume it's coming from the regulator part of the pencil.
- The tip doesn't retract. :/ This is a concern because i don't want it to get bent in my backpack or anything. (Thinking of buying a separate case that only holds 1 pencil)
- The visual appeal of the regulator isn't as nice as I thought it would be. I thought there would be a plastic window or something over it and that the black "tank" was filled with a liquid or something. No such luck. When you turn the regulator, the painted metal piece inside simply turns and "fills" the tank/window. Oh well.
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Got the pencil today,...
March 9, 2011
Got the pencil today, to be honest a little disappointed. The click isn't smooth and if you shake it the top part of the pencil moves. Other then that its a fine pencil.
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Awesome looking pencil....
January 3, 2011
Awesome looking pencil. Really like the look of it, especially the cap.
I haven't had the lead breakage problem yet, but it's just in it's first week.
The grip isn't as firm/rugged as the 925-25 series grips.
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I was really surprised...
October 12, 2009
Verified Purchase
I was really surprised that I was actually slightly disappointed with this pencil considering how much I loved the lead holder. The quality of the pencil is fine but I guess it's all little picky things that added up to "this is annoying"

First is the entire end cap assembly. The little nut at the top unscrews to let you change the lead indicator. You cannot move the lead indicator unless you loosen this and it comes off all too easily. Not good in your bag if you tend to carry your pencils loose. Second, I had to wrestle with getting the eraser cap off and for a moment I panicked thinking I wasn't supposed to get it off. But Jetpens has GREAT pictures of everything so I was reassured that yes, it does come off. Difficult but it does come off and it does not go back on easy.

I do like the feel of the pencil in my hand. The textured grip is very comfortable and your fingers don't get tired holding it. I like that you can adjust the amount of lead that comes out. But I have to say this is more of gimmick than something really worth getting. Keep in mind I am a mad clicker with pencils so the length of lead is really not that important to me, but it is a nice function. If you like to control the length of your lead you will like this very much.

It really is a lovely pencil to look at at it feels good in the hand. I find that the pieces that you need to move around and adjust don't work smoothly or well, and the lead length adjustment just isn't worth the annoyance of the eraser end assembly annoyance. I am taking one star off for the annoying bits, but I am giving it 4 because over all it is still a very well made and nice pencil. If you want to control your lead length this is worth it - if not there are other pencils that are a better value for your money.
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This pencil is really...
December 25, 2013
This pencil is really great. I own two Staedtlers (the 925-25 and the Regulator).

Out of the two, the 925-25 is probably the better one. While the Regulator has the neat function of regulating the amount of lead dispensed, the 925-25's knurling is much sturdier, and overall the design is simpler. The 925-25 is also much lighter than the Regulator.

It's still a really nice pencil, and a nice addition to any collection.
I personally love the...
April 26, 2013
Verified Purchase
I personally love the "rattle" of this pencil. Its a heavy solid metal rattle, like it was designed to do it. This is a high quality tool for cheap and has served me well for over a year now. Jetpens is awesome!
It's not firm. The length...
January 28, 2013
It's not firm. The length wheel doesn't stick and I find myself fixing it when I draw a lot.
The frame rattles as well. Not as great of an investment but I still like it for shading. C:
Very durable pencil for...
September 29, 2011
Very durable pencil for drawing or taking notes. The grip is very well made because it's a knurled grip but it's been smoothed out so it's not hard on your hand but yet the grip works amazing. Also the regulator is a great addition for the pencil.
I am very happy with...
February 22, 2010
Verified Purchase
I am very happy with this pencil. The grip is comfortable, it feels nice while writing, and it looks like something you would find in the hands of an engineer or architect. Overall I give it 5/5, but one minor annoyance keeps it from being perfect.

My only concern is that if you shake it, the regulator wheel assembly rattles against the barrel of the pencil. I feel like Staedtler could have sized the diameter of the regulator wheel a bit larger so that it did not rattle, while still keeping it loose enough to rotate freely. Perhaps this is just a tolerance issue, who knows. This problem is not apparent when writing, it just takes away from the 'solid feel'. I am curious if other people notice this.

To address problems previously mentioned- as far as the lead grade indicator nut, I cant imagine it will unscrew over time if you tighten it well; I don't see this being a problem. Regarding the snapped leads- as long as you don't constantly change the regulator level, you shouldn't have problems with breaking leads.

Good job Staedtler on the nice design, if you fix the rattle problem this pencil would be perfect!
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