Staedtler Silver Series 2 mm Lead Holder

Staedtler Silver Series 2 mm Lead Holder

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Available from Japan only, the Staedtler 925 25 series has an aluminum body and works just like a standard mechanical pencil. Just click the top cap to extend the lead. The pencil has a nice weight of 21.5 g (or 0.76 oz) and features a clip and lead grade indicator. As with other lead holders, it can only hold one 2 mm piece at a time and doesn't have an eraser. JetPens has 2 mm black and colored leads available for refills.

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I love this thing so...
May 24, 2013
Verified Purchase
I love this thing so much that I bought a second one and a couple of packs of HB leads to use for daily writing tasks. The grip is comfortable, the weight is perfect, and its just... perfect.

+ Staedtler typically has high-quality materials
+ All-metal body
+ Knurled grip
+ Balanced weight
+ Knock lead advancement (a bad thing for those who enjoy drop-clutch)
+ Aesthetically pleasing
+ Multiple lead type options
+ Professional appearance
+ Fantastic for drawing
+ Comfortable for writing
+ Leads span the entire length of the pencil
+ Leads last a long time
+ Speedy shipping (thanks JetPens!)
+ Built to last

- I'm afraid to let anyone borrow it, even if they are within view
- Get the "Uni-ball 2 mm Pencil Lead Sharpener" as the Staedtler lead pointer doesn't work as well for this purpose

For those who may be curious, I emailed the Staedtler Japan branch to find out what kind of lead comes pre-loaded inside of this pencil (as JetPens stated that they were not given this information- their customer service is speedy and awesome, even if they didn't have the answer I was looking for!). The answer is HB. I assumed this, but I wanted to be sure before I attacked a college exam scantron sheet with it! So, the long piece of lead that is included inside of the pencil is HB. Happy writing!
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I'm a professional fine...
August 22, 2014
Verified Purchase
I'm a professional fine art painter and I must say this is an awesome piece. This holder has great balance and the weight is conducive to accurate mark making. The build quality is excellent. I must recommend this to anyone who wants a well balanced, durable lead holder.
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This is my single favorite...
June 13, 2014
This is my single favorite writing utensil!

I bought this pencil becuase i have a writing disability called dysgraphia. i have always had an easier time using mechanical pencils but i pressed too hard and they always broke. When i found about these i was ecstatic!!!

the weight is wonderful
the metal construction
the machining on this pencil is amazing

the only thing I don't like is that the cap isn't metal like the rest of the pencil other than that its amazing.

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I am a designer and I've...
December 6, 2015
Verified Purchase
I am a designer and I've used this pencil for over a year. I love many things about it -- the weight, the lead thickness, the overall balanced feel. Unfortunately I may have received a lemon, since from the beginning the pencil has jammed repeatedly, the tip unscrews itself while I draw, and the biggest drawback: the clutch no longer holds the lead firmly in place, so anything more than moderate pressure pushes the lead back in (this wasn't a problem at first). Very dissappointing for such an otherwise great pencil. My review:
Weight, feel, and balance: 5 stars
Mechanics: 1 star.
Final rating: 3 stars
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This was the first lead...
March 22, 2013
Verified Purchase
This was the first lead holder pencil i ever bought and i gotta say it's really amazing! The design is by far, the best i've seen, esp. for a metal body. Some 2 mm refill leads however, are too long making it difficult. So you would have to chop off a piece. I would recommend using the preferred lead refills. Overall, for my first lead holder pencil, i really like it.
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