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3 out of 3 people found the following review helpful
  I love this thing so..., May 24, 2013
I love this thing so much that I bought a second one and a couple of packs of HB leads to use for daily writing tasks. The grip is comfortable, the weight is perfect, and its just... perfect.

+ Staedtler typically has high-quality materials
+ All-metal body
+ Knurled grip
+ Balanced weight
+ Knock lead advancement (a bad thing for those who enjoy drop-clutch)
+ Aesthetically pleasing
+ Multiple lead type options
+ Professional appearance
+ Fantastic for drawing
+ Comfortable for writing
+ Leads span the entire length of the pencil
+ Leads last a long time
+ Speedy shipping (thanks JetPens!)
+ Built to last

- I'm afraid to let anyone borrow it, even if they are within view
- Get the "Uni-ball 2 mm Pencil Lead Sharpener" as the Staedtler lead pointer doesn't work as well for this purpose

For those who may be curious, I emailed the Staedtler Japan branch to find out what kind of lead comes pre-loaded inside of this pencil (as JetPens stated that they were not given this information- their customer service is speedy and awesome, even if they didn't have the answer I was looking for!). The answer is HB. I assumed this, but I wanted to be sure before I attacked a college exam scantron sheet with it! So, the long piece of lead that is included inside of the pencil is HB. Happy writing!
  I'm a professional fine..., August 22, 2014
I'm a professional fine art painter and I must say this is an awesome piece. This holder has great balance and the weight is conducive to accurate mark making. The build quality is excellent. I must recommend this to anyone who wants a well balanced, durable lead holder.
  This is my single favorite..., June 13, 2014
By j.t...
This is my single favorite writing utensil!

I bought this pencil becuase i have a writing disability called dysgraphia. i have always had an easier time using mechanical pencils but i pressed too hard and they always broke. When i found about these i was ecstatic!!!

the weight is wonderful
the metal construction
the machining on this pencil is amazing

the only thing I don't like is that the cap isn't metal like the rest of the pencil other than that its amazing.

  Fantastic value and fast..., June 6, 2013
By dal...
Fantastic value and fast shipping! This lead holder will not disappoint!
  Fantastic value and fast..., June 6, 2013
By dal...
Fantastic value and fast shipping! This lead holder will not disappoint!
  This was the first lead..., March 22, 2013
This was the first lead holder pencil i ever bought and i gotta say it's really amazing! The design is by far, the best i've seen, esp. for a metal body. Some 2 mm refill leads however, are too long making it difficult. So you would have to chop off a piece. I would recommend using the preferred lead refills. Overall, for my first lead holder pencil, i really like it.
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  Pros: - Love this pencil!..., February 20, 2011
- Love this pencil! :D
- ALL Metal
- Click to extend the lead

- I bought the TK 9400 Faber Castell while i was in London and i actually prefer the look of it to this Staedtler pencil. (The Faber Castell was also ~8 dollars cheaper -cost 5 pounds in London-)
- The Faber Castell simply lets the lead slide out, yet at times, i prefer that because i can regulate the length of the lead in the blink of an eye w/o taking time to click away to extend the lead of this pencil. Still, i keep both lead holders in my main pencil case just for fun :]
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  I have owned many 2mm..., July 24, 2012
By rog...
I have owned many 2mm lead holders,and this by far is a winner with solid metal construction,a lead degree indicator,pocket clip, and the "knock" method of advancing the lead. Keep the button pressed down and the lead can easily be manually adjusted like the standard clutch models. The lack of a built in pointer is not much of a deal breaker. Convenient as they are,some lead shavings get trapped and leak out. I would leave that up to a dedicated lead pointer or keep around a cheaper holder with a pointer. All in all it is one of the better lead holders around.
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  I have this pencil and..., November 5, 2011
By aca...
I have this pencil and it is fabulous. Although I don't think it should be a lead holder, I think it should be just a regular Drafting Pencil to me. Anyways, LOVE DIS PENCIL!!!!!!!! Anyone who sees this pencil buy it!

P.S. One lead stick should last you about 6 months to a year, If you don't push it down too hard and don't use it every single day.
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  I'd give 10/10 to this..., August 13, 2011
By chi...
I'd give 10/10 to this pencil, but I'll give 9/10 for not having an integrated lead pointer.. and it won't fit in the staedtler rotatory lead pointer, which is a real shame.. =(

If it wasn't for that, this pencil would definitely be perfect in every aspects.
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  All metal body feels..., March 25, 2011
By mak...
All metal body feels nice in the hand, the knurling & grip pattern provides GRIP (like sandpaper). Smooth feed action, and good balance.
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  i LOVE IT!!! nicely design..., March 5, 2011
By stv...
i LOVE IT!!! nicely design tool for drawing at any width up to 2mm. I ordered this pencil without knowing how popular this tool is among it competitors in this category. provide good business. So i went back and ordered the lead pointer two weeks later. Three week going by and i wished to order another one of this pencil. Accidently, i found Pixie had the exact tool for less. I wish Jetpen would beat their competitor in price because i wouldn't want to leave Jetpens.
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  Finally got mine. It's..., February 5, 2011
By jus...
Finally got mine. It's sweet! It really changes the feel of working with 2mm lead, giving the sturdiness and precision that even well-made plastic lead holders seem not to deliver.

No problems with anything coming loose. The quality of the grip area is phenomenal-- it's really much smoother than it looks. It's very high friction, but the pattern is cut shallow enough that it doesn't seem to dig into your skin and cause pain.

The only downside to this thing is that it made me want another one-- this time in that cool new dark blue color!

I see it at pixiemall, can't Jetpens get it?
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  2mm lead holders cannot..., September 14, 2010
2mm lead holders cannot possibly get better than this... seriously.

good weight, well balanced, no more lead dropping. what more do you want?!

oh did i mention ALL metal build? its about as good as it gets.
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  I love this lead holder...., June 3, 2010
I love this lead holder. You cannot use a rotary pointer but other manual pointers are fine. For those that would want to know the grades that can be selected are 4h, 2h, h, hb, b, 2b and 4b. Great for artist that use multiple lead grades in their work.
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  I think this is a wonderful..., May 30, 2010
I think this is a wonderful product. I keep one in my bag, and combined with Uni HB leads, it delivers nicer lines and a more pleasant writing experience than pretty much any other pencil I've ever used. I have a bunch of Mono 100s and Hi-Unis lying around my place, but when I'm at work and want to use a pencil, this is the one I reach for most often.
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  Beautiful lead holder..., April 26, 2010
Beautiful lead holder and works well. Love the fact the fact that the lead advances like a .5 / .7 / .9 lead pencil. Two drawbacks to this leadholder:

1. does not fit the standard rotary lead pointer.
2. the metal piece where the pencil is held keeps unscrewing loose. It is quite annoying to have to keep having to tighten it. This interupts the workflow terribly.
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  The best 2mm graphite..., March 28, 2010
The best 2mm graphite holder. I use it with Staedtler B sticks or 2B. Awesome. Also 0.5mm is great for writing or drawing too depending on your style but with 2.0mm you can doo anything, thin to thicker lines. If you do not like to sharpen once in a while than use H or 2H or even F 2.0 mm sticks.

I noticed they have the same holder now in Japan in blue metal, that would be nice to have too. Maybe one day JetPens will bring us over that nice pencil also. It would be nice to use with different type of graphite (different hardness or even color graphite). TNX
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  I use a 2.0mm and 0.5mm..., February 11, 2010
I use a 2.0mm and 0.5mm for drawing. this is the only set that has the .5 and 2.0 with the same body. and its click feed which is also rare. the rotring 800 2.0 also is click feed but way over priced imo. I use to use the 925 when they were made out of metal but then they switched to plastic and now you have to get the 925 25 which pissed me off. but the fact that they made a 2.0mm with the new 925 25 got me back. I can't describe how much this lead holder rocks.... really I can't. I got 2 and will probably order 2 more. and backups of the .5 also. best lead holder EVER...
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  This is a very nice lead..., October 26, 2009
By me@...
This is a very nice lead holder. It feels solid, nothing rattles around or comes loose during use. It has a nice weight to it as well.

I tried to track it down for sometime. Thank you for stocking this lead holder. I had written your staff about this great pencil in the past and they said that would look into it. A little time goes by and here it is! It is a testament to the fact that you do indeed listen to input as you continue to grow the most addicting website on the internet. :)
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  I am so in love with..., October 6, 2009
I am so in love with this holder! I've used Staedtler for years but this just blows it out of the water! I like a heavier pencil/pen and this really fit the bill. The grip is very comfortable and secure and the tip is much easier to see and control. It looks fantastic too! It was instant love the first time I drew with it!

The Metaphys white lead fits pretty well in this holder - but you have to feed it up through the tip. I use medium toned paper in my sketchbooks and I like to shade with white so I have one of these with white lead and once with graphite and they work great for me! I highly recommend this holder.
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  High quality lead holder..., September 24, 2009
By bttoma
High quality lead holder and my instant favorite. Be aware, though, this pencil is wider than the typical clutch-type lead holder and will not fit in the standard Staedtler pointer.
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  I was very excited to..., September 13, 2011
By ada...
I was very excited to finally receive this pencil as I've been using Staedtler leadholders for years, but it turned out to be a terrible disappointment. After a couple of day's use, the pencil stopped advancing lead, and is now useless. While it worked, it was wonderful, but there seem to be some quality control problems.
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  Please, please, Re-stock Th..., September 20, 2009
By mmendo
Please, please, Re-stock

Thanks in advance.