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If I could give these...
August 22, 2013
If I could give these pens all five stars I would, but they have a major flaw that I can't ignore: the tips dent way too easily. I'll admit that I write with quite a bit of pressure, but still, I dropped one once when I was using it and the tip split in two. I was so mad! Another time, I used it to write only half a page and the tip got shorter and slanted because of the angle I was writing at with it. The only real way to solve this problem would be to write with as little an angle as possible, and that's hard. I bought these when I was little, but I really regret replacing them!
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I have been using these...
March 29, 2013
I have been using these Staedtler pens for years now, and I have given sets frequently to friends and family. The colors are rich and vibrant, and despite my heavy use, they last for a very long time. This product is indicative of all of Staedtler's high-quality products.
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They've lovely to write...
January 2, 2016
They've lovely to write with and don't bleed too heavily on paper. I don't apply too much pressure when using these pens, just a good intermediate amount of pressure so they've lasted me a while (2+ years!).
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I have these and the...
January 29, 2014
I have these and the Stabillo 88 .4mm set. The Stabillo has more colors so that is a plus, but both of them have a serious flaw in the ink that bothers me, and it happens on a variety of good art papers. I have tried them on Canson XL marker paper, Canson XL mixed media paper and Copic marker paper and I get a strange texture from the ink - as if it is bleeding into the paper in some spots and staying on top of the paper in others. It does not seem to lay down as smoothly as I would like.

Frankly, I have a tough time telling much difference in the Staedtler 0.3 mm and Stabillo 0.4 tips when it comes to the size, and they both put down very fine lines for writing. I just don't like filling in an area with solid coverage.
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I feel these should be...
February 16, 2016
Verified Purchase
I feel these should be in the pen category rather than the markers. If I would have known how they fill in an area, its more like a pen than a marker.
Very nice fineliners....
February 7, 2016
Verified Purchase
Very nice fineliners. Arrived in perfect condition (none are dried out). Very handy case that functions as a stand when I use all the pens. Doesn't bleed through my Rhodia Dot Graph journal. Fast shipping. As a first time buyer with this vendor, I'll return for more supplies. Thanks!
Pens ware GREAT! Shipped...
January 10, 2016
Verified Purchase
Pens ware GREAT! Shipped fast and was packaged well!
I really like this. The...
December 23, 2015
Verified Purchase
I really like this. The one thing I learned right away though is not to press too hard with the fine tips. Nice color selection.
I absolutely love these...
October 26, 2015
Verified Purchase
I absolutely love these and I'm a "pen" snob. These are perfect for journaling, scrapbooking or whatever you want to color code. I use them daily.
Nice colors, good variety....
October 12, 2015
Verified Purchase
Nice colors, good variety. They're mostly Copic-proof save for the dark blue and black. They also do that thing where the tip makes a slightly darker mark at the end of your line, but that can be helped with just a little bit of hand control. They're also pretty blendable with themselves with the proper technique.
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