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At just 7.5 mm in width and with 12 different colors, these adhesive page markers are perfect for color-coding your books and notes. They are made from a sturdy, tear-resistant plastic and have a large and particularly sticky adhesive area to keep them securely stuck to the page. The adhesive area is also translucent, so you can read the text underneath. You can also write on them, though due to their filmy surface, ballpoint pens, pencils, and permanent markers are best for writing on these. Water-based inks may not write as well.

The page markers are mounted to a folded plastic backing that can stand upright on your desk or be used as a bookmark.

Each pack contains 108 page markers in 12 different colors (9 page markers of each color).

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I enjoy color-coordinating...
March 2, 2016
Verified Purchase
I enjoy color-coordinating the flags I use and the books I put them in, so finding these was a pleasant surprise! They go on very well and are sticky enough to stay on reliably. However, since the sticky part is transparent, the flags sometimes faintly pick up ink/text when you peel them off to relocate them. Overall, though, these are very high-quality flags and I will be buying lots in the future!
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These are my daughters...
January 9, 2016
Verified Purchase
These are my daughters new favorite page markers - great for reading, studying or using in a planner.
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I was using the "Hold...
April 30, 2016
Verified Purchase
I was using the "Hold That Thought" fluorescent paper ones until I found theseā€¦ they're more durable plastic and good colors. Cleaner more professional looking and they don't curl.
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the Stalogy page flags...
January 28, 2016
Verified Purchase
the Stalogy page flags are absolutely amazing. I just wish the short, thick Stalogy page flags were available as well. & I wish more Stalogy products were available both on-line & retail.
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Excellent for proofreading...
July 19, 2016
Verified Purchase
Excellent for proofreading and copyediting work, for flagging places in a printout with corrections. They're less bulky than paper Post-it notes, they stick much better, and they don't crinkle up. Also, I can colour-code by type of correction (author query, design note, etc. etc.).

Packs of individual colours would be much more useful, though. With only 10 of each, I go through them very quickly. But I still find these a good buy and prefer their size and level of stickiness (and ease to remove and reposition) over other brands.
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