Stillman & Birn Gamma Sketchbook - Hardbound - 5.5" x 8.5"

Stillman & Birn Gamma Sketchbook - Hardbound - 5.5" x 8.5"

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This premium line of sketchbooks from Stillman & Birn is designed to meet the wide range of artists' needs, including sketching, recording ideas, and keeping art journals. Suitable for use with a variety of wet and dry media, it inspires creativity by giving artists the freedom to experiment with new ideas and materials. Each notebook contains high-performance, archival-quality paper that has been treated with both internal and surface sizing for exceptional wet strength that supports the application of multiple washes. In addition to slowing water absorption, the sizing helps pigments stay on the surface of the paper, resulting in remarkably vivid colors. The paper stands up well to multiple erasures and is suitable for precision work.

Six paper types, or "series," are available, varying in paper weight, shade, and surface type, allowing artists to choose the paper best-suited to their techniques. The different series are detailed in the chart pictured.

The three surface types are:

• Medium Grain – distinctive tooth, suitable for all dry media, and will also accept multiple washes
• Cold Press – Substantial tooth, enhanced wet and tear strength, suitable for mixed media artwork
• Smooth – Suitable for pen and ink, colored pencils, water-based markers as well as watercolors

This sketchbook has a stiff hardcover binding that is designed to be broken in. The spine eases with use, eventually allowing the book to lie flat, accommodating two-page drawings and flatbed scanning.

Gamma series sketchbooks contain heavyweight 150 gsm ivory paper with a medium grain surface. They are best for dry media, light washes, and ink.

This is the hardcover Stillman & Birn Gamma Sketchbook. Photos with writing or drawing feature the softcover Stillman & Birn Gamma Sketchbook.

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