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I own several dozen pens...
December 31, 2013
I own several dozen pens in the $20-$50 range, several of them excellent writers, and wanted to try a more expensive pen. I chose this one because is looked beautiful and I liked the engineering and design required to make a very small pen. I was very disappointed and really wish I hadn't spend that much money on this pen. I have a medium nib and it's very scratchy and catches on the paper. I tried with very smooth Clairefontaine paper and more ordinary copier paper and it's the same on both. The ink container is tiny and doesn't hold enough ink to really see the ink sloshing around when the pen is in my hand, which is what I was looking forward to (this is probably my fault as the size was clearly indicated).
Spend your money on another pen, this one is more of a novelty pen and not worth the money.
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I was so looking forward...
October 9, 2013
I was so looking forward to this pen BUT it's not the greatest of any pens. I have used Platinum preppies that wrote better. It's very scratchy and doesn't always write the letters all the way.

It's supposed to be a medium but writes like a fine or even an extra fine.

It seems to only fit it's own cartridge, as when trying a Diamine cartridge it blobbed. I had to use it's own brand. Holding it nib down, it hasn't started to blob yet. I will try it using it with the ink dropper. Since reading another person's review of this,
I may have to use silicone gel as all.

The top or post part does not fit securely on the top. It has to be posted quite firmly to stay on.

With the money I spent on this pen, I could have bought another Ohto Tasche set -- fountain pen, roller ball, and mechanical pencil -- even a Kaweco Ice Sport set.
I will still buy the sets, but I could have bought one set a lot sooner.

I only give it a one star for the design -- it takes a great picture.
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Please don't buy this...
June 5, 2013
Verified Purchase
Please don't buy this pen.

The nib was not smooth, it hard started every time I started a new word or letter.

I used it as an eyedropper for a week with orange ink and despite the 3 or 4 O-rings orange ink seeped into all the crevices. Now with black ink in it the orange discoloration looks awful.

Truly a disappointing experience for $90!
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It's a darling little...
June 26, 2014
It's a darling little pen and it goes with me everywhere. The issues others have brought up here can be quite easily solved. Flush the pen with water and dishwasher soap before you use it. Twist the cap a bit when you post it and it won't fall off.
Having said that, the pen's overpriced -I got it on sale and would have expected more if I paid the full price for it.
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