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Students' Favorites

You're going to be a student for at least 12-16 years or more, so why not have the best tools for late night study sessions and early morning exams? This selection features our top picks for students, to help you get those straight A's!

Science has shown that effective note-taking by hand actually boosts learning and memory, as students who hand-wrote their notes were more likely to retain details than those who typed their notes on a computer. This only proves that a trustworthy pen, pencil, and notebook are important to the success of any student, whether you're studying mathematics or music theory.

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Brand: Kutsuwa   Brand: Nomadic   Brand: Pentel
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Nomadic WT-18 Wise-Walker Toto Bag - Medium - Gray - NOMADIC WT-18 GRAY
Nomadic WL-25 Wise-Walker Multi Compartment Day Backpack - Navy  - NOMADIC WL-25 NAVY
Nomadic PE-09 Flap Type Pencil Case - Light Blue - NOMADIC EPE 09 L.BLUE
Kutsuwa Duplex Denim Pencil Case - Blue - KUTSUWA AK020
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Pentel Sharp Drafting Pencil - 0.5 mm - Black Body
Pentel Twist-Erase III Mechanical Pencil - 0.5 mm - Violet Body - PENTEL QE515V
Pentel Ain Sala Hi-Polymer Eraser - Royal Blue Sleeve - PENTEL ZESA10C
Pentel Mark Sheet Mechanical Pencil for OCR - 1.3 mm - PENTEL AM13STHB
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Pentel 24/7 Highlighter Pen - Yellow
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