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Sun-Star Bode Electric Eraser - Black


Sun-Star Bode Electric Eraser - Black - SUN-STAR S4218957
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Includes six eraser refills. Batteries (two AAA) not included.

The Bode electric eraser works through a spinning rather than a shaking mechanism, which makes the eraser stronger and more resistant to stalling when pressure is applied. The circular movement allows you to erase precise areas effectively. Eraser refills available.

Body dimensions: 5.7 inches (145 mm) length x 0.6 (15 mm) inch diameter. Actual eraser refill dimensions are 0.6 inch (15 mm ) length x 0.2 inch (5 mm) diameter.


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Total Price: $9.90
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Model NumberSUN-STAR S4218957
Shipping Weight1.40 oz
Eraser Refillable Yes
Eraser Type Electric

3 people found this helpful
  This electric eraser..., March 22, 2011
By dark-wolf-ice - See all my reviews
This electric eraser is excellent for erase small details! The BZZZZ (sound) is funny to hear. I also don't need to press to much! Super easy to use and very confortable in the hand. Excellent design, made in China and quality is good (because of it high weight I think it can break if it fall more than 1m on something hard, I did not tested)

First electric eraser and not disapointed, I give a Five Star!
3 people found this helpful
  I just got mine today..., November 18, 2010
By one... - See all my reviews
I just got mine today and I gotta say I love you, it's incredibly thin and handles like slightly heavy crayola marker. The rotations this things pulls are so smooth, the pre attached eraser holder is nice since I always seem to loose the little metal clasp that comes with the helix and staedtler electric erasers.

Definite buy if you love doing detail work like I do but don't want to risk smudging or down right deletion of existent lines.
1 person found this helpful
  I love this thing. I..., February 3, 2012
By dan... - See all my reviews
I love this thing. I have previously only had a Derwent electric eraser and the Sun-Star is far superior.
Very fast rotations erase quickly and cleanly. Highly recommend this if you are anal over clean paper and details.

  It is not bad. But I..., June 27, 2013
By rea... - See all my reviews
It is not bad. But I actually bought it because I thought that the more pen like shape would make it more comfortable than the Dolphin. But the push-button on the Bode is really difficult to push and long eraser sessions make my hand hurt, because of the unnatural position my hand has to take. Second problem is that the eraser is on or off, there is no control of the speed at which the eraser turns. That makes it considerably less practical than the other mechanical eraser I have, which is some sort of no name brand, but ressembles the Dolphin. That eraser can smoothly change from low frequency to higher.
  Erases very well and..., April 13, 2013
By yellowbambootree - See all my reviews
Erases very well and accurately but only half the eraser bit can be used.