Sun-Star Knock Free Sharp Mechanical Pencil + Leads - 0.7 mm - Blue

Sun-Star Knock Free Sharp Mechanical Pencil + Leads - 0.7 mm - Blue

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The Sun-Star Knock Free Sharp pencil combines the best of a conventional wooden pencil and a mechanical pencil! Winner of the 2008 Kids Design Award in Japan, this pencil is designed so that lead automatically extends while you are using it. Now, you can write continually without the need to stop and click for more lead! Incredibly convenient, this is one feature you'll love about it. Each pencil also features an eraser on top.

This set includes one pencil with lead tube already installed, and one extra tube. The set includes approximately 6 lead refills. See the instructions photo and caption to find out how to refill the pencil.

Customer Reviews

Nothing negative to say...
January 2, 2014
Nothing negative to say about this pencil. Auto-advancing, true to color (navy), and now with the new packaging, another fine set of lead and eraser. Great take on the traditional pencil with a contemporary touch.

The eraser does its job nicely and the body of the pencil is very smooth but not too slick. At first, changing the lead may seem inconvenient or a hassle but after getting use to the Knock Free mechanism, its easy and quick. The old bit of lead automatically falls out and the new lead is produced (read the instructions for further info.)