Sun-Star Paper Stitch Lock Stand Staple-Less Stapler - Shocking Pink

Sun-Star Paper Stitch Lock Stand Staple-Less Stapler - Shocking Pink

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Sun-Star's Paper Stitch Lock Staple-Less Stapler requires absolutely NO metal staples, and will hold together up to 4 sheets of paper (average copy weight). The innovative mechanism punches the paper and stitches it together in one press. Made from sturdy ABS plastic with die cast steel blades, the Sun-Star Paper Stitch Lock staple-less stapler is eco-friendly and will reduce the need for those pesky little metal staples. The mechanism is ideal for simplifying shredding tasks or for making paper crafts with children. Different colors available.

How to use:

1) Insert sheets of paper so that the edges touch the back of the Paper Stitch. If the paper is not inserted all the way to the back, the paper might not be stapled well.

2) Press the top part with your hand completely down.

3) After the top piece pops back up, pull out the paper in the direction of the arrow (shown on the box). If you pull out in a different direction, the paper may get stuck.

Dimensions: Approximately 1.8 inches (4.5 cm) tall and 2.4 inches (6 cm) wide.

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Customer Reviews

I bought this because...
January 11, 2013
Verified Purchase
I bought this because as a Uni student, remembering to replenish staples for those short 5-6 page assignments are the last thing on my mind. I was surprised how secure this actually makes the pages, as some other reviews said it was a bit flimsy. They're more than enough secure for turning in, being flipped through etc. It takes a bit of force to get through more than 5 pages, I wouldn't really suggest it as it feels something might bend or snap from trying...
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Was a tad hard to use...
January 19, 2016
Verified Purchase
Was a tad hard to use at first but that was all my fault not lining things up correctly. Keeps papers in place!
1 person found this helpful
good staple-less stapler...
July 20, 2015
Verified Purchase
good staple-less stapler :)
1 person found this helpful
Consistently works great....
July 14, 2015
Verified Purchase
Consistently works great. It is so nice not having to fool with staples.
1 person found this helpful