Sun-Star Paper StitchLock ZN Staple-Less Stapler

Sun-Star Paper StitchLock ZN Staple-Less Stapler

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Sun-Star's Paper Stitch Lock Staple-Less Stapler requires absolutely NO metal staples, and will hold together up to 7 sheets of paper (average copy weight). The innovative mechanism punches the paper and "staples" it together in one press. Made from sturdy ABS plastic with die cast steel blades, the Sun-Star Paper Stitch Lock staple-less stapler is eco-friendly and will reduce the need for those pesky little metal staples. The mechanism is ideal for simplifying shredding tasks or for making paper crafts with children.

How to use:

1) Put the paper together.

2) Insert the paper to the stapler, and push the handle all the way down.

3) After you push down the handle completely, let go and remove the paper from the stapler.

Please note that you cannot staple cardboard, plastic, or laminated paper, or any paper that is softer than ordinary copy paper (like tissue paper).

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